Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing tips for beginners will hopefully relieve some of your fears writing your first post, I understand how this often overwhelms people when starting their business. You need not fear there are tools to assist you, so don’t throw in the towel before you read this article. Like anything new it will take time and patience to develop your own style, but never be afraid to be different, this is what makes your blog unique from others.

Recommended Writing Tools

Every blogger and website owner are not naturally given grammar and spelling skills, but thanks to these tools anyone can provide posts which makes them look like they have been doing this for years.

  • Grammarly
  • Pro Writing Aid
  • Ginger Grammar

These are the tools I recommend you consider assisting you with perfecting your posts, but before you go and sign up for any of these I want to tell you a little about them.

writing tips for beginners
Recommended Grammar Tools For Bloggers


This you will find to be what the majority of people are using, but I tried this tool on my WordPress website with problems. Now maybe it was because of the web hosting I was using at the time, so I recommend you give this a try. This is my first choice, I have not tried Grammarly since upgrading my hosting which I just might do?

  • Get corrections as you write on most of your favorite websites
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Get Started Free

You can get started with Grammarly simply by adding the Chrome Extension which I have included for your convenience with the link below

Add This Extension Here

Pro Writing Aid

I have been using this tool for years and even though it does an adequate job, I am not completely happy with this tool. If you have some skills in writing this will assist you with your posts, but I have experienced the suggestions are not always correct and can be frustrating at times. For beginners this might not be your best choice, but I do feel it is better than not having any at all.

  • Simple to use
  • Free version available
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Edits 500 words max with free version
  • Word suggestion
  • Test drive the free version
  • Time consuming compared to Grammarly

I have been using the free version, so maybe the paid versions are a much better choice? I can’t see paying for this type of tool when there are free versions available which will assist you well enough. I do recommend you go with Grammarly first before Pro Writing Aid.

Ginger Grammar

Honestly, this one is brand new to me, so I can’t share my experience using this tool. Ginger Grammar claims to be the most accurate grammar checker, so let’s see what this one can do for you?

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Sentence rephraser
  • Add To Chrome Free

Recommended By:

Ginger is highly recommended as you can see by the companies above, you will find a button Get It Now, Its Free. I did notice at the top of the website in very small letters 30 day’s free trial no commitment, you can Try Ginger Now on the website which I do like when I can try something new before signing up.

How To Sign Up With Ginger Software

  • Click Start
  • Add Extension
  • Start Converting

Now the big decision is totally up to you which one of these tools you wish to use, you will find any of these three will serve your purpose and get you started writing your first blog post.

writing tips for beginners
How To Prepare For Your First Blog Post

Are You Ready?

Many of us become so anxious to write our first blog post we really are not prepared as well as we should be, you will find these 6 things to do before you write your first blog post to be worth taking the extra time to do.

  1. I highly recommend you consider opening up social media accounts before you post your first article, you should consider Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin to get started. Pinterest is becoming very popular and productive for bloggers, so this might one you is a good place to start.
  2. Open an account with Canva to create your own unique social media graphics, you can join and use this with a free account which is what I use myself.
  3. Whatever niche you have chosen but sure this is the one you want to promote, I know from my own experience every time you change your niche it’s like starting all over with the search engines.
  4. Keep things as simple as possible, so many of us become so motivated we burn ourselves out by trying to do too many things at one time.
  5. I have found posting one article per week has been more productive than posting several times per week, you can use those other days to network on social media accounts.
  6. Learn how to use keyword tools and keywords to choose your posts is critical for your success.

Next week we will learn about keyword tools and keywords in detail, so until then use your time to prepare yourself by accomplishing the tasks above.

Why Blog?

What is the benefits of writing a blog on your website, one reason you might find motivating is 61% of people in the United States often make decisions on purchasing from blog posts. If this is not enough to motivate you, I have more for you to think about.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Develop Relationships
  • Potential Customers
  • Comments
  • Feedback
  • Builds Trust
  • Become Known
  • Branding
  • Helping Your Readers
  • Sharing
  • Likes
writing tips for beginners
Pinterest is becoming one of the best social media websites for bloggers

Recommended Articles


For many people their first blog post is the most difficult for them, so many people ask me all the time what do you write in your first blog post? I recommend you start out with an introduction post about you, this will start your relationship with your readers on a friendly get-to-know one another, you never want to start out promoting your products and services in your first post.

  • Form a bond with your readers
  • Share things about yourself as if you are just meeting someone new
  • Keep it personal forget it is a business blog
  • Share your own experiences
  • What you are passionate about
  • Interests
  • How to spend your free time
  • What you want people to know about you
  • Ask questions
  • Favorite quotes or sayings
  • You will not find an introduction post on Mentoring With Jeff I learned about this after my website was up and running.

I made many mistakes on my journey to get where I am today, you will find my website lacks many of things I am recommending because I once was a beginner just like you.

First Post

How to write your first blog post after your introduction will be your next challenge, but I have some suggestions to guide you to keep you on track.

  • Use Lists
  • Tutorials
  • How To’s
  • Check Lists
  • Statistics
  • Problems with solutions
  • Guides
  • Step-By-Step
  • Share your own experiences
  • Research your topic
  • Keyword Search
  • Interesting Title
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Whats New
writing tips for beginners
Solving people’s problems and sharing what is new are good topics

Writing Tips For Beginners

This article provides some things you need to consider and do to prepare for your first blog post, I did my best to address the fears and frustration I could remember when I was a beginner. Next week we will get into keyword tools and keywords, you will need to learn about these to choose the best title and keywords for your posts.

What Is On My Mind Today

It just happens Pro Writing Aid crashed while I was writing this article again, I often receive error messages when using this tool. So I don’t recommend anyone uses this tool unless they have no other choice, I am going to add Grammarly Chrome Extension once again, and hopefully it will work for me better than in the past.

Thank You For Visiting Mentoring With Jeff

2 thoughts on “Writing Tips For Beginners

  1. Thanks for the great information! I have never used Grammarly, but have heard good things about it. Maybe I should check it out too. Not sure I would want to try one that keeps crashing so looking at Grammarly as the number one recommendation.

  2. This is truly helpful information. For beginners. And for experienced writers and bloggers too.

    Thank you Jeff for this good post with excellent information and resources. To be honest, I hardly use any writing aid. But after reading your post, I am going to try one. I see Grammarly is a popular choice. I should try that. Would you be doing a tutorial on how to install Grammarly and use it?

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