What Is The Best Online Business

What Is The Best Online Business

What is the best online business is a question I am asked all the time, so I decided this would make a good tutorial to answer this question. I must inform you I am not able to choose for you which niche is the best for you, but I can share some of the best choices for you to consider. I also can provide you tips to narrow down your choices, and with these, you will be able to make the best decision.

Follow Your Heart Or Your Brain

When I started my first business online I struggled to follow my heart or follow my brain, so I went with my heart instead of what I thought I could earn the most income. My first business was in the health industry, and not just one, but I tried five different niches in this industry before I decided to change to providing business training for small business owners and bloggers. You see I knew the right choice for me was something which allowed me to help people, so this is how I ended with my present online business.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Back To Answering Your Question

So what is the best business to start is a common problem we all struggle with when first starting out, and even after we have been in business as long as I have, it still is a challenge to make the best decision. Right now I am going through the same thing myself, you see I want to add a new website, but I am researching to narrow down which niche to promote with this new site. Online training programs will push you to go with something you are passionate about, and even though this is important the real key is to focus on what potential customers are interested in, and searching for online.

Google Trends Strategy

I highly recommend everyone use Google Trends as a tool to narrow down what people are searching for online, you can have access to so much information using this free business tool. You can get results up to one-year what people are interested in, but you also can find out what they are interested in right now, which I use to decide what products and services I promote for the most traffic and sales from month to month.

what is the best online business
Use Google Trends To Research What People Are Searching For Online

What People Are Interested In 2020

Now we are going to take a peek at the best online businesses to start, and these are predicted to be very profitable in 2020. So if you are planning on starting a new business this can determine your business success, and now let’s see what your choices are?

  • Become an online coach is the number one prediction as to the most profitable business this year, and that might explain why my business training is such a success.
  • Online courses are the next on the list, so are you seeing a trend that information is what people are the most interested in?
  • Affiliate marketing is still predicted to be popular, so consider being an affiliate marketing coach, or provide online courses for this and you might have a winner.
  • Physical products such as an online store is always a good choice, and you can promote affiliate products, digital products, and even go into dropshipping.
  • Software is another option for you to consider, and don’t forget about how popular apps are today.

So from my research, these are the predicted most profitable business niches to seriously consider. You will then want to narrow these down to something that you do have a passion, so see first you focus on what people are interested in, and secondly on your passion to have both of the best in the niche you choose.

Recommended Coaching Businesses

For anyone tinkering with the notion to consider the coaching niche, I have included what Forbes predicts to be your best choices. You can visit their website for more detail of these if any of them interest you.

  • Women Empowerment can be a powerful business to promote with so many women in the business industry today.
  • Employee Satisfaction is becoming an important issue due to the lack of employment some business owners might be taking advantage of their employees.
  • Sexuality is always a popular issue in our society, but it is becoming more and more of an issue now than ever before.
  • Sales will also be a good choice since we are forced to purchase the products we need and want.

According to Forbes, these are some niches you should consider, but of course, only you know if any of these are right for you.

Online Courses

I have used online courses to learn many of the things I know today, and not only for my business but also for my own personal interests as well. So I can accept this to be a good one to consider, and I am sure there is a big demand.

These are some of the online course websites I have used in the past, and I do recommend you check them out as possible affiliate programs if you are considering promoting this niche. You can also take some of their free online courses as well, so either way, these are good websites to bookmark.

Free Online Certification Courses

As a bonus, I thought I would share some of these courses where you can get certified without costing you anything, and these are good for anyone who wants to be able to add certifications to their business profiles.

what is the best online business
Online courses are predicted to be one of the best niches in 2020

Affiliate Marketing

This business is going to just keep growing with more and more people searching for working from home jobs, and affiliate marketing is the easiest option to get started that you can earn from. It is possible to do this without even investing in a website, and I am receiving more and more high school, and college students interested in my free services than ever before.

If you are interested in free affiliate programs to join that pay high-commission and business resources, I recommend you browse my online store. If you are searching for a niche not in my store yet, I urge you to leave me a comment and I will add some to my store for you.

Ecommerce Business

How to start an online store is easier than you might think, and adding one to your WordPress website you have two low-cost options.

WordPress Option One

This is the option I am using so if you like my online store you can go with this one for free, and all you need to do is add the WordPress plugin Woo Commerce to your website which only takes minutes to do. For a step-by-step tutorial to set up your Woo Commerce store, you can just click on this link to go to Woo Commerce.

WordPress Option Two

I was seriously considering this option as well, and it will only cost you $9.00 per month. This is for those of you more interested in a dropshipping store, but all you do is copy and paste code to a new page on your WordPress website and you will have your own dropshipping online store. you will be provided everything you need to set up your store from suppliers to your checkout buy button, and all you do is sign up for your free 14-Day Trial to see if this is right for you.

No Website No Problem

  • Shopify $29.00
  • Big Commerce $29.95
  • Squarespace $12.00
  • Wix $23.00
  • Weebly $29.00

Shopify is rated as your best store builder with Big Commerce a close second, so both of these are your best choices and provide everything you need. Wix and Weebly are best for anyone who wants an easy drag and drop online store builder, so there are my recommendations that I would choose myself.

what is the best online business
Add An Online Store To Your WordPress Blog


The last one we are going to check out today is starting a software business, and as you probably know this niche has many possibilities. You just can’t cover all the software with one business, so let us see what are some of our choices?

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Marketing Research
  • Webinar

CRM Software

ERP Software

  • Product Lifestyle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Marketing Research

  • Qualtrics CoreXM
  • Check Market
  • Nfield
  • Quick Surveys


These are the top software in each of these niches, but you can promote software in almost every niche. When I was in the health industry the health and fitness software were my best sellers, so if you go with this niche take your time researching before making your final decision.

What Is The Best Online Business

This tutorial is to assist you in choosing the best niche for the most success and profit, but with any business, you will have to be patient before you will begin to start seeing a steady income. I can assist you for free, just leave me your questions in my comments and I will respond back to you.

31 thoughts on “What Is The Best Online Business

  1. Your article is informative and well written with a lot of useful information. Recently I am also thinking about making online courses. But I am struggling in coming up with the ideas. So I have been procrastinating. Recently, a digital marketer has been actively promoting his online course to tutors in my city. It includes mentorship programme, teaching tutors how to earn money online. On the other hand, another online course guru also promoted a similar programme to me. It seems that it has become a trend to earn money through coaching business. I am looking forward to your articles on that.

    Your article is really interesting to read! Thanks Jeff.

    1. Great content very helpful for a newbie like me looking to get in the making money online business.You explain every thing very detail and I will definitely share this article thanks.

  2. You gave me some new ideas to think about. I never thought of a coaching business. It may take a while to get off the ground but at least I could help people along the way. Do I have to get certified in one of these areas first?

    1. Hello, Rob
      Certification is just a piece of paper to impress people on a resume or your profile,
      as long as you know your niche and are providing good information you don’t have to
      be certified unless you want to.

      I do suggest you take some of the free online courses to keep with your niche,
      you can do this on Coursera which only charges you if you want the certification


  3. Hi Jeff,
    You provided us with a lot of useful information. It is difficult for someone who is just starting with an online business to pick the right niche. So I think you provide us a nice overview.
    I started with affiliate marketing earlier this year, and I’m very satisfied. There are a lot of good courses on Coursera and Udemy. the good thing is, these courses are not expensive, all you need to invest in is your time.

  4. Wow, this is a lot of great info for anyone looking to start an online business. I had been contemplating for over a year what was the best option for me online and I decided to go with affiliate marketing. It may take time to get good earnings, but I feel it’s the best choice for me. Thanks for all this great info! I will check out some of the courses you listed as well.

    1. Hello, Carla

      Affiliate marketing is the best online business to get started, and as you gain experience
      you might be interested in trying other online opportunities


  5. Hi Jeff

    Such great information for online businesses. I personally believe in this era it is best to do online businesses due to the flexibility.

    I am happy you also talked about google trends which is what I started using 2 months ago on my website.
    I also am a dancing coach and have taught online a bit for my students but have not gone deeper merely because I have another online business I am running

  6. Thank you Jeff for outlining the best businesses online. According to me that business is better which will give me a consistent 4 digit instead of occasional 4 digits overnight. In short, I am not in for fast money but I am in for a long haul. My choice is affiliate marketing 🙂

    1. Hello, Prav

      You can’t go wrong investing your time in affiliate marketing,
      and with more businesses going online there are going to be more
      and more opportunities for affiliates in 2020


  7. Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing your knowledge about different types of online businesses. I have recently started a course for an affiliate marketing blogging business. My progress is a bit slow, bu I am keen to continue and finish the course. Then hopefully I’ve learned all about it and see if I believe Affiliate marketing is what suits me best or wether I should check out other or additional online business options. I’ll bookmark this page. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Angelique

      I strongly believe my success came from taking online courses over the years when I first started online,
      and you can’t go wrong learning from them no matter what you are interested in learning they are a great
      investment of your time


  8. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this great article outlining the various opportunities for online business. We particularly love the section where you identified the best online businesses predicted to be very profitable in 2020. The list did the work for those considering starting an online business this year.

    Glad you talked about affiliate marketing and e-commerce. We have been very interested in this model. This surely gives us a jump start.


  9. Hi Jeff, this is a great site thanks for the info. It looks like I have started out with something I am passionate about but I’m thinking I need to move into an area like this myself. You have a few great tools here that I will have a look at in the coming days too. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Jeremy

      I have done a whole lot of shopping for tools and affiliate programs that will
      benefit small business owners and bloggers, and many of them are free or very
      low investments.


  10. Hi, Jeff, thank you for this informative post, it’s very helpful.

    I have been hearing a lot of times that dropshipping is a kind of business that has become too difficult to do.

    Could affiliate marketing be a better choice if to compare with dropshipping?

    I appreciate your feedback.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Hello, Natalie

      When you compare affiliate marketing to dropshipping I recommend everyone begin with affiliate marketing,
      and for one thing, it is safer and least expensive to get started. You also have much less stress not having
      to figure out shipping costs and deal with customers, but everyone has to make that choice for themselves which one
      is right for them


  11. Well, just as well I have a coaching website. I have also wanted to move in to courses, but not really sure how to do it through a website. I’d be interested to learn more about this. Great info again Jeff, thanks. I’m bookmarking.

  12. Excellent information Jeff. Bookmarking your page for later reference as I’m setting up an online business and this info is pure gold.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Guarav

      I appreciate your kind words and bookmarking this tutorial,
      I find helping people is so rewarding and that is the reason
      I choose this niche to get into


  13. Hi Jeff. Thank you for your informative article. The Google Trends Strategy is something I’m going to consider to look into. As it can help me to decide what topic post to write about.

    Online Coaching Businesses is a good idea if I have decided to start a new online business.

    I have save your this article so that I can come back again to retrieve information from here when I start my another online business. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Jeff, this is a wonderfully written article. You have done the research and it shows! This is great for anyone looking to start an online business or even they already have an online business! You provide great tools and resources that I know I will be checking out! Thank you for this article!

    1. Thank you, Elise

      I have learned much of what you read from my own mistakes over the years,
      but I must admit taking online courses has provided many of the skills I
      have today so that is the reason I am so big of a fan of people using
      these to learn and grow their business


  15. Hi Jeff,

    This article has really inspired me. I am new to the online business world. I needed this information. Your top list for 2020 is great. The online coaching idea is making me excited. I have used courseera too and have gained certifications from them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. That is awesome, Jen

      I am very happy you have taken advantage of Coursera’s training,
      and I hope more people follow you after reading this comment


  16. Hi Jeff,

    I love your article as it has validated to me that I am doing the right thing with my online business. At the moment I am trying to build up my credibility with my blog, and the next steps is to create online courses and other materials, and then to go into public speaking.

    I am following my heart, and I know that the way I am doing this is the right way. Your article has been really helpful and put my mind at rest a little bit.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the amazing work with your mentoring and website.

    All the best,


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