What Is Pinterest About

What Is Pinterest About

Everyone is talking about this social media marketing strategy, so what is Pinterest about? Many bloggers are not seeing the results they are expecting or wanting, but if you follow my business training you will learn how to use Pinterest for the best results. Mentoring with Jeff experiences very good results without spending a lot of time, so if this is what you are interested in learning read on.

What Is Pinterest

For anyone not familiar with this social media website I will explain a little about if for you, so the main difference using this marketing website is you are sharing images. So by using eye-catching images, you will experience more success of course, but first, you need to understand what pins and boards are?

Learning About Pins And Boards

The images you post on Pinterest are referred to as pins, and all they are is the images you decide to use to promote your blog posts and business. So now you need a place to store your pins, and this place is referred to as boards. Think of boards as folders is an easy way to understand them easier, and the images referred to pins are what you are going to be saving in these folders or posting on your boards.

what is pinterest about
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How To Create Eye-Catching Pins

Once you open your account if you have not already done so, you need to learn how to create eye-catching pins. I recommend you avoid following the crowd by using the free images from websites such as Pixabay, but instead design your own unique pins. Two strategies I use for this is using Photoshop or Canva, so either of these is awesome choices all depending on which one you are the most comfortable using.

Creating Your Boards

Next, you want to create your first board which should be for your blog posts, and you can name this anything you desire to. I choose to name mine Jeff’s Pins, and the reason I chose this name was to entice people to check it out to see my pins. I also created other boards to save other people’s pins, and when you do this it will get your more followers in a very short time. So what other boards you might you create, I have shared some of my other ones to give you some ideas.

  • Best Gift Ideas
  • Business Tips
  • Marketing Tips
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Traveling
  • Blogging
  • Health Tips

You don’t need to only stick to your business niche, and in fact, you are opening up more opportunities for more followers. Once you start getting images on these boards your followers will start to become automatically, so this is how I got a lot of followers on Pinterest in a very short time.

Pinterest Browser Extension

I have learned over the years how to take advantage of the Google Chrome Browser Extensions, and these do make my life so much easier sharing on all my social media business pages, you just click on the browser icon when on any website and you can save it to any of your boards, and I have found this saves me so much time. If you are going on all your social media pages to post you are wasting so much of your time, and with these being free I do recommend if you have Google Chrome to take advantage of using them.

what is pinterest about
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My Pinterest Marketing Strategy

I have been very successful with the strategy I use without spending much time at all on Pinterest, so every time I am on a website for whatever reason I add it to the proper board. What is even cooler as you are on new websites, you can add it and create a new board at the same time. This strategy not only is an easy way to add pins to your boards, but also makes creating new boards easy as well. So as you are surfing the internet always keep in mind to share them with your Google Chrome Browser Extension, so how often does Mentoring with Jeff actually spend on Pinterest?

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend On Pinterest

You can spend as little as a few minutes actually being on the website itself, and you can do this my way or your own way. What I do is while I am on the site when adding a pin or board with my browser extension I will follow some new boards, and if you follow even a few every time this is an easy way to stay active. To save time I will check my notifications to see who started following me, and I will follow them back. This prevents you from having to spend the time searching for new people to follow, so by going this route you are saving so much time and being more productive.

Pinterest For Business

For anyone interested in how to increase your website’s traffic for free this is one I recommend, you see when you add your blog post images as pins to your board it provides a link to your website. The more people who click on your pin the more traffic you are going to recieve, and the best part is you can get this traffic for free. When you use this strategy daily you are going to receive more traffic, so you want to make it a part of your routine every time you are on a website be sure to add it to one of your boards or create a new board if you need to.

What To Avoid

What you want to avoid doing is not being active regularly, and I have found a few pins per day is better than a bunch once per week. You also will like to know there is no limit how many pins you can add per day, so the sky is the limit with doing business on Pinterest. With Facebook posting on your business page more than once or twice per day actually hurts you, but you have no worries with this when you are using this social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Sharing Buttons

I have noticed many of the websites I am on often don’t even provide sharing buttons, and this is the biggest mistake you can make since people love to share on their social media pages. Why people don’t add these buttons is beyond me, but I always leave a comment on their website I would have shared your article if only you had share buttons.

Social Media Follow Buttons

You should add butttons that allow your visitors to share and follow you, but if you have to choose between the two I suggest you go with sharing buttons. More people are interested in sharing than following, but if you can have both this is another good strategy.

what is pinterest about
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What Is Pinterest About

This business training is all about how I use Pinterest for Mentoring With Jeff, and my strategy has been working for me very well since I started using it with this social media marketing website. This is the easiest marketing strategy you will find online, so if you are not using this you really should open up an account and be sure to open it up as a business account. Comments are always welcome and feel free to ask any questions, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Thank you for reading What Is Pinterst About


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10 thoughts on “What Is Pinterest About

  1. Thanks Jeff, I have been thinking of using Pinterest to aid in marketing my blog site. This really helps make sense of how I can use it.

    1. Hello, Duni

      I am happy to hear this article on Pinterest has been helpful to you,
      and if you need any assistance getting started with Pinterest just let me know


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for a very thorough and informative introduction to Pinterest.

    I’m definitely a fan.

    For me, Pinterest is now actually my main social media platform for social interaction and marketing.

    Pinterest appears to be growing at a very healthy rate, so plenty of users.

    It appears to have many more women users than men, so something for marketers in certain niches to think about.

    Plus, I think people have always been drawn to images and this is still true to this day in the “140 character” world we live in online.

    Thanks again, really enjoyed this article, keep up the great work.


    1. Hello, Patha

      I am pleased to hear Pinterest is working very well for you,
      I use Twitter more and Pinterest is my second most used marketing site


  3. Hi and thank you for writing a thorough step by step on what is Pinterest. I enjoyed reading about how to create pins and boards and sharing to Pinterest from a blog or website. Would you recommend using promoted pins or just pinning to boards to drive traffic to a blog or website?

    1. Hello, Ola

      I am happy you found this article interesting, I have never used promoted pins or ads in all my years in this business. I am sure if you promote your pins and post you will receive more traffic, but I suggest you research before diving into this strategy


  4. Very interesting article and have actually made a note of it, keep up the good work and im sure things will work out good 🙂
    The size and structure to this article I do love.
    Jason 🙂

  5. I have had some great success using Pinterest. I didn’t know that saving other people’s pins actually attracted followers. Great advice!

    1. Hello, Greg

      With Pinterest the more boards you have and the more you save other people’s pins the more followers you will receive, and the more followers the more people who are going to be seeing your pins.


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