PHLEARN is all about providing anyone interested in Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography a place you can learn. No matter your budget you can experience tutorials that will make learning affordable and fun, and they claim their video tutorials are the best you will ever learn from. So now you have an idea what is PHLEARN is all about.

Beginners Photoshop Tutorial


In simple terms what you will find on their website are tutorials on just about anything you want to learn to do on Photoshop, you will find it easy to learn from their videos which will make learning fun for you.

  • Free Tutorials
  • Pro Tutorials
  • Photography Guides
  • PHLEARN Magazine
  • Affiliate Program
  • Photoshop Free Trial

Free Tutorials

This all began when they started providing free tutorials on YouTube, and today they have a community with millions of members. Each week you will find new tutorials, so your free learning Photoshop never ends. Below is a sample of their most popular videos in 2019, but this is only a small sample, I just can’t share all their popular videos in this one article.

I hope you find these videos interesting enough to check out their website, you can’t go wrong learning Photoshop with these free tutorials.

Pro Tutorials

These tutorials do require you join the PHLEARN Pro plan, but I wanted to provide you a few samples of them as well to give you an idea of what you are receiving with the pro plan.

How To Remove Anything Tutorial


This Photoshop video tutorial plan is for serious photographers and web designers, and not really for beginners just learning how to use this photo editing software. You will receive every tutorial as they become available as a member, so here are the highlights of this plan.

  • $99.95 per year
  • Unlimited access
  • More than 150 videos
  • Immediate access every month
  • Photoshop & Lightroom presets downloads
  • Cancel anytime and no additional fees

Photography Guides

PHLEARN Magazine

  • Guides
  • Interviews
  • Features
  • Gear

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program pays you a generous commission to promote PHLEARN, you can earn a substantial income through this program which pays you a 20% commission. Feel free to visit my business store with high-paying affiliate programs and business tools,

  • Free to join
  • 20% commission on all purchases
  • 24/7 sales reports
  • Reliable payment plan
  • Marketing tools
  • Paid through your PayPal account

Over 300 hours of video tutorials and growing, so with this many just waiting you have a very good start to earning a nice income.


How To Try Photoshop For Free

You can do the Photoshop free download to try this software out, but I want you to know a few things before you download this software.

  • You can only get this by downloading on the Adobe website
  • This download is only active for 7 days
  • You must choose a subscription plan
  • After your 7 day trial, you will be charged unless you cancel
  • Photography plan $9.99 per month
  • Photoshop CC $20.99 per month
  • Creative Cloud Apps $52.99 per month

The photography plan is not a bad price for your basic photography needs, and even the Photoshop CC is affordable. I am lucky I purchased the software when it was available on the market, but now you have to pay a monthly fee to have access to this photo editing software.

Photo Editing Software

There are Photoshop alternatives free which are what I would recommend if you don’t want to invest in a monthly fee, so here are alternatives you can check out.

  • GIMP
  • Luminar
  • Apple Photos
  • Photo Pos Pros
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Photos
  • Pixlr
  • RawTherepee

These are my top choices according to business contacts, and even though I have Photoshop software, I use Canva’s Free Version for the majority of my marketing design needs.

17 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

Best Paid Photoshop Alternatives

  • Procreate
  • Rebelle
  • Art Rage
  • Affinity Photo
  • Photopea
what is phlearn

What Is On My Mind

Photo editing programs such as the ones in this article are one of your most needed and valuable business tools, and in my opinion, the second would be free business-related tutorials. That is the reason I write these free business tutorials for you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone who reads and comments on this website.

16 thoughts on “What Is PHLEARN

  1. What a great resource! I’m going to share it with my best friend who had a keen interest in photography. I’ve always been intrigued by Photoshop, but it seemed overwhelming. It’s nice to hear PHLearn provides free tutorials. I’m going to take a look. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  2. Hi Jeff, thank you for this article,since have started the online business, have noticed the necessity of good picture. Images are the main key, either on social media or in websites. It’s a good investment for success.Would the pictures be relate to my website topics?Can somebody else have the same picture in their website?

    1. Hello, Matahene
      How are you today, you will notice many of the same images in a number of blogs within your niche.
      Of course, if you can use unique images it will attract the attention of your readers. Most bloggers
      use the free photograph website available online, so that is why you will find the same images in
      many posts in your own niche unless you take your photographs yourself.

      Choose bright interesting images related to your niche is what I recommend


    1. Thank You, Andreas

      You can’t go wrong with using PHLEARN to learn Photoshop, and even
      when you don’t have a lot of funds you can start off with their
      free tutorials


  3. Wow, thanks! I haven’t used any complicated photo editing software in at least 20 years and, although I’m still only in my 30’s the thought of trying again now without support is really daunting. I love the step to step approach of these tutorials and that they provide the test images for download so that you can follow along, as this is the way I learn best.

    With the Photoshop plans required to gain the most benefit from these PHLEARN tutorials, what is the difference between the Photography and Photoshop CC plans? How serious a photographer do I need to be to benefit from subscribing to one of these plans rather than using one of the free alternatives?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello, Lisa

      I recommend new bloggers go with the free tutorials before subscribing to the paid plans,
      and there are enough free tutorials to provide most bloggers the training they need to do
      their own photo editing for their blog images


  4. I am very interested in this. I think my sister may benefit from this as she was wanting to learn Photoshop but had no idea where to start. Also I love the idea of their Affiliate Program and that is a great commission!

    1. Thank You, Jordan
      I do suggest you share this with your sister, she can go with the free tutorials
      to get started to learn Photoshop without paying for this training.

      PhLEARN does provide a very generous affiliate program, and this is even a good
      program for beginners that costs you nothing to promote


  5. I had no idea there were so many photo editing options! I have not personally been too involved with photography, but I have had friends who have dabbled in it. These resources would be golden for them! I’ll keep this in mind in future conversations.That is awesome they have so many video tutorials available. Thank you for putting all of this together!

  6. I use PhotoShop myself but had never heard of PHLEARN. There’s always something new to discover on the web! 🙂 The free tutorials are great, especially the one about removing anything from a photo. That’s something I’ve always struggled to do in my own ham-fisted way.

    1. I also am very partial to Photoshop, and this is one of the reasons I shared
      this with you and my other readers. Photoshop is a great way to make your
      images unique if you are a blogger, and you can’t beat the free training
      tutorials which you can learn the basic techniques for free

  7. I enjoy photography, I have many photos from my dad and myself. I think on one of my old computers I have a copy of Photoshop. I found it very hard to use at the time and just stop using it.
    The PHlearn program would have been very helpful a few years ago. Will this program work with an older version that was on disk?

    1. Hello, John
      I also have a Photoshop program from very long ago on a disc and the free basic tutorials will be good guides for even the older versions of Photoshop. Photoshop
      has not changed its basic techniques with the new versions, but the new versions do have techniques and tools our old versions might not have.

      Most people only need the basic tutorials to do what they want to do on photoshop, so the advanced tutorials are more for professional photographers
      and graphic designers


    1. PhotoShop is an awesome program but can take a lifetime to learn on your own,
      but with PHLearn you can learn the basics simply by subscribing to the free

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