What Is Online Marketing Strategies

What Is Online Marketing Strategies

What is online marketing strategies is a business training focusing on how to promote your website online, and I am sure there is something in this article for everyone, no matter if you are a new business owner or have years of experience.

Basic Marketing Plan

Before I share with you the basic marketing plan you need to know what are marketing strategies, and these are simply plans on how to promote your business the most effectively. I recommend everyone use this plan below as a guide to follow, and as you become more experienced you can add your own strategies as your business grows.

  • Business Blog
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Provide Free Niche-Related Resources
  • Perfect Your SEO Strategy
  • Providing Your Readers Value
  • Trial & Error Campaigns
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Business Publications

So these are the bread and butter methods every business should consider using to promote their business, now you just need to decide which ones of these are the best choices for you and your business.

what is online marketing strategies
EZ Profits Is A Monthly Publication Full Of Useful Information

EZ Pub Profits is one of my best business resources, and you are receiving a ton of useful information every month for the low cost of $10.00 per month, and you have the option to cancel at any time. I have had regular subscribers to this publication, and none of the subscribers has canceled their subscription at this time.

Starting Your Business Blog

You might be wondering what is the purpose of a blog, and many newbies misunderstand the true purpose their business blog provides them. As for my blog on Mentoring With Jeff, I am using it to provide you free business training. So what you want to do is focus on how to help your readers learn more about your niche, and the best method is through this marketing strategy. This is not going to earn you a steady income, but what it does is forms a trusting relationship between your readers and you.

  • Provides your readers with free information
  • Helping your readers solve problems
  • Steady traffic to your website
  • Builds trust and a good reputation

One of the most valuable benefits this blog provides me is the true purpose in my life, and that purpose is heping as many people as I possibly can at no cost to my readers.

How I Help My Readers

I don’t intend to get off the topic of this business training, but I want everyone who reads this article to realize how much I am going out of my way to help people without charging them anything.

  • Free business training
  • Mentoring for free to my subscribers
  • Free mentoring to the members of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Free business training group
  • Guest Blogging At No Charge

As you will notice I have removed my online store from my website, I just have been feeling this might be giving you the wrong reason for Mentoring With Jeff. So instead I am providing my reader’s deals on my menu as I find them, so if you are interested in deals my menus is where you are going to find them.

Any purchases from this website are used to maintain this site, and I am receiving a very small commission on any of your purchases, but so far they have been enough to keep me to be able to keep providing business training for free.

what is online marketing strategies
Business Training For Free When You Subscribe To My Publications

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is another method every business should be using, and you will find some social sites are going to be more productive for you than others. This all depends on your business niche, and the people who hang out on these sites, so you want to join the following websites and use the trial and error method to find which ones are going to work the best for you.

  • Twittter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The order of these is the ones that are the most productive for my business, but that does not mean the same will be for your own business. I am not using Instagram myself, but for those who are interested, this is another good place to hang out.

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

For those of you who are interested in a detailed strategy I recommend you read How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy by the website Hootsuite, you will find they are one of the authority sites you can learn from and I am a subscriber to their blog.

  • Know your Readers
  • Competition Research
  • Social Media Audit
  • Profile Strategy
  • Stay Inspired
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Test & Evaluate

So if the topics above peeks your interest you can read all of these strategies from the article above, and I have learned so much by subsciribing to their blog.

Niche-Related Resources

I have learned through trial and error with my own publications from my readers that niche-related resources are in demand, so this is another option I highly recommend. so below are some business resources I recommend.

As you can see I shared a link to Hubspot Academy because you can sign up for free courses with them, and I am signed up and I really have learned so much from their courses.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is your key to steady organic traffic from the search engines such as Google, and your first step is to learn how to perfect your keyword research. Now there are many of these tools available on the market today, and I have used many of them. So from my experience, I am receiving the most success since I started using the Jaaxy keyword research tool, and if you are interested in business training and this tool I suggest you look into Wealthy Affiliate. You can get access to this tool plus all the training you could ever need and want for about the same price as just getting access to this tool alone. So this is going to give you the most for your money, so this is something to consider if you find you want this tool for your keyword research.

  • Start with a list of topics to research
  • You then want to choose phrases for the best topics you find
  • Adding pages of these topics is an option
  • Content marketing with your blog using your keywords
  • Weekly posts work the best for this website
  • Use external & internal links in your blog posts
  • Add your keyword in your image alt tags
  • Smaller images over larger images recommended
  • Subscribe to a few of the business resources above
  • Track your strategy success and be flexible to make changes

This is the basic search engine optimization strategy I have been using for years, and if it works for my website why would it not work for you?

Providing Your Readers Value

I do my very best to provide my readers with as much useful information to help them in every one of my business training tutorials, so through your blog is a very good first step to providing value for your readers. I really do want to help all of you more than anything else with this website, so this is one way I have found to help as many of you as I possibly can.

  • Information
  • Resources
  • Product Reviews
  • Bargains n Deals
  • Coupons
  • Free Pubications

These are just some of the methods I use to provide you the most value from my website, but you can find many other choices by researching this on your own.

what is online marketing strategies
Subscribers Receive Mentoring For Free

Trial & Error Campaigns

The first thing you must understand is what is a marketing campaign, and this is just a fancy business term for an organized marketing plan. To be successful you must be using a variety of strategies, and if you rely on one and it’s suddenly ineffective you are not prepared with any backups. So now you might be thinking, what are some campaigns I can consider?

  • Digital Marketing
  • Outside-Of-The-Box
  • Direct Mail
  • Customer Referrals
  • Radio
  • TV

You can read an article on these in more detail on the website Business Owners Ideas Cafe, I just don’t have the time to go into detail in this training, but these are possible trainings in the future.


I have not used webinars for Mentoring With Jeff, but there are many benefits if this is something you are comfortable using to market your business.

  • Sale Leads
  • Branding
  • Forms Relationships
  • Trust
  • Reputation
  • Low-Cost
  • Informative

In my own opinion, I don’t really feel these are worth my time using for my business. Webinars are not considered to be an effective marking strategy for the majority of businesses that are using them. So this is something you must decide if you want to give it a try, but you never really know until you try a new strategy how it will work for you.


I am not using podcasts for my business as well, but by using these you reach out to your customers in a more personal way. You are able to share your values with potential new customers as well, and more people will listen to podcasts while they are able to be perfoming other tasks.

  • More Personal
  • Convenient To Listen On Their Own Schedule
  • Low-Cost Marketing Strategy
  • Time-Friendly Communication Strategy
  • Portable
  • Subscription Opportunity
  • Social Media Marketing

Podcasts is another strategy I have not tried myself, but this is another option for you to consider or keep in mind as a back up plan.

what is online marketing strategies
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Feel free to browse my computer deals on my menu anytime you are on my website, I decided to provide the best computer deals I can find for my readers and subscribers since our computers are the most important tool for our success. So before you purchase a new computer check my bargains and deals, I promote Microsoft deals, HP, and Dell along with my discount computer deals.

Business Publications

If you are not providing business publications you are missing out on your best marketing strategy, I earn 70% of my monthly income from my publications. The reason for this is those who subscribe to your publications are interested in the information you are providing, so if you are not using this at this time you should get started by adding a subscriber form on your website right away. Need assistance getting started, you can leave me a request on my comments.

What Is Online Marketing Strategies

I would love to know if this business training was helpful to you, and if I get enough comments you are interested I will do another training in the future on advanced marketing strategies. As always I thank your for reading my articles, and Mentoring With Jeff really does want to help you to start to earn an income online.


12 thoughts on “What Is Online Marketing Strategies

  1. Hi Jeff

    Wow! There is so much to learn about marketing strategies. With social media at the moment I am only using Pinterest but I see that you like Twitter. I already have 2 Twitter accounts so I’m not sure if I will start a 3rd. I am planning starting a YouTube channel soon. What are your views on YouTube?

    I will definitely take some time to check out some of the resources you have put on here. Thanks for taking the to write such an extensive post. I look out to checking out your other posts too.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jeff,
    I was wondering how much time and energy is needed to get into this kind of business? Are we talking 3 hours daily or is it necessary to see it as a full time job from the beginning?

    I like your content and the fact that you’re honest about how you earn your money.


    1. Hello, Jonas

      I believe being honest is the best way to be in this business, and I never try to take advantage of anyone just to make a sale.

      You can start an online business with whatever time you have, but you really need to make a commitment to experience any success.
      If you can write one article per week you can start in this business, and if you need help I am just a click away


  3. There are a lot of things that can be done in relation to your blog, and your list is something great to go off of. Social media, webinars, SEO, all great things to take advantage of in this time of every growing Internet usage.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi, thank you for providing so much value in this guide for Online Marketing Strategies – this will be very useful for everyone at any stage they are in their online business. Thanks again.

  5. A lot of information to digest here Jeff.

    The beauty of online marketing is that there is no set way to market and there isn’t a specific route that is better than the other providing you learn that way thoroughly.

    I was all for Hootsuite but even that as changed nowadays, where you no longer can send a post to the groups you are part of.

    Thanks for sharing what is some very valuable information.

  6. Thanks for sharing of your experience with what is working for you, Jeff, and for having all these free services to show people that you genuinely care about helping them. This is an important aspect of not only business, but our self-development, becoming a better person.

    I have not been blogging as long as you but I am using the same type of approach and look forward to reading more of what you write.

    I personally use Facebook and LinkedIn the most for social media but I am not using them to promote my blog yet because it is so new.

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing so much valuable information that people could easily find things they need for online marketing. I agree that providing value to your readers is the best way to do your online business. Once your readers trust you, you build a connection with them, which they might be interested in products that you promote, right? I will implement this in my content creation too.


    1. Hello, Matt

      I owe my success in this business to putting my readers first, and I have made this my main goal in every article to provide as much information to my readers to help them in whatever I am writing about. When you put people first I feel your readers can really feel that from your posts, and no one wants to be pushed into buying a product and by doing this you could be losing a potential long-term customer.

      People always come first for me,

  8. Hi Jeff and thanks for this great post!

    I really appreciate your honesty and willingness to put your readers first.

    Your generosity is what generates loyalty among your followers and subscribers. People need to realize that this is the best way to create success.

    You have given me much food for thought for my own business, thank you.


  9. Hello Jeff,

    Certainly, your article “What Is Online Marketing Strategies” is an important contribution to focusing on the success of online businesses.

    It is truly grateful.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, Aliyk

      I thank you for reading and commenting on What Is Online Marketing Strategies,
      and I hope I have introduced you to some new strategies for your marketing.


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