What Is Microsoft Notebook

What Is Microsoft Notebook

Before I start my article on What is Microsoft Notebook and what it can do for you, I want to share with you the best computers recommended by the Microsoft brand. So let’s get right to the point, what are your best choices by this brand?

Surface Pro X

Surface Studio 2

Dell XPS 15 7590

Acer Spin 5

Samsung Galaxy Book S

HP Spectre x360 15

ASUS ZenBook 14

Visit The Microsoft Store For More Choices

These are the best computers recommended by the Microsoft brand for college students, and you can save 10% at the Microsoft store. Another benefit is all students receive office 365 education for free, so if you are shopping for a college student this might be something you want to check out for yourself.

what is microsoft notebook
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Best Computers For Business

What is the best business computer is what I have been shopping for, and here is a list of the best recommended by Laptop Magazine.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

Dell Latitude 7400

HP ZBook

Dell Precision 7730

Asus ExpertBook B9450

As for my own personal experience I have had the best peformance and long-term use from the HP brand, so I am partial to this brand, but I am trying to keep an open mind while shopping for a business computer.

Let’s Learn About Microsoft

Microsoft is well-known for the computer software, and you might be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite. Most of us know them the best for their browser the Internet Explorer, but I must admit I prefer using Google Chrome myself.

Guess What I Am Going To Share With You Next

I am going to share a little secret about Microsoft computers, and this might surprise some of you. Business Insider shares that they are in the top 5 PC manufacturers in the United States, and this is all due to their surface computers. According to Quora, they don’t make their own computers, but their computers are rated four stars. So where are their computes made, you will be happy to know they are made in the United States in a factory in Portland, Oregon.

what is microsoft notebook
Microsoft Apps

Desktop Vs Laptops Which Are The Best

I have been battling back and forth which type of these two computers is the best choice for my business, so let’s see what Neweg.com has to say in their article Choosing Between A Desktop And A Laptop.


Most power for your money

Flexible pricing

Easy to upgrade

Limitless customizing

So this is very impressing about desktop computers, but now let’s see what they have to tell us about laptops.


More power more expensive

Portable size for on-the-go people

Preferred by gamers

Better choice by students

Professionals love them

Increases your productivity

Consider the price of batteries

How To Make Your Final Decision

For every person there is not the same decision which of these are the best choice, so the first thing to consider is how are you going to be using your computer? Desktops are the best for the most powerful system you can own, and if you work from home more than on-the-go this is more likely the best choice for you. You also can get more for your money with a desktop, and this is important to consider if you are on a tight budget. Actually the laptop is going to cost you more to get a powerful system, and if you are a student or a professional you probably would benefit by spending the extra money for a laptop. So it really all comes down to what is the most important feature you are in need of, and after writing this article I know now I should be shopping for a desktop since I spend most of my time at home.

what is microsoft notebook
Shop The Best Computer Deals

Microsoft Notebook

Most of you are familiar or at least heard of notebooks, but how many of you know the difference between a laptop and a notebook. Before I share with you about Microsoft Notebook, I want you to understand the difference between these two types of computers.

Laptops & Notebooks

Your average laptop weighs between 4 to 8 pounds, and this type of computer is considered as a portable computer. Whereas your average notebook weighs usually no more than 5 pounds and is similar in size to a notebook so that is how they got their name. The laptop is more powerful than the notebook, and these are best for personal use than for business or college students.

What Is Microsoft Notebook

If you are in search of an electronic version of a paper notebook this product will interest you, and the main function this will provide you is for taking notes and keeping data. This is an easy-to-use to keep your ideas and information organized, so this can be very useful for business owners and college students. Another benefit is you can use this even when you lack an internet connection, and you will not lose your information. This is a software program for taking notes, keeping ideals, and organizing all your information.

How Much Will This Cost You

Free Version 5GB Storage

Paid Version 50GB Storage $1.99 Per Month

Yearly Plan $23.88 Billed Annually

What Is On My Mind

Even though this is very affordable, I recommend you start out with the free version to test it out. Why pay for something you might not even like or use when you can try it for free first, so if you think this could benefit you give it a try.

Compare Evernote To One Note Here

5 thoughts on “What Is Microsoft Notebook

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks a lot for this useful article. Since I am a teacher, I am an expert in Microsoft office because we need it in our work. On the other hand, It is the first time I hear of Microsoft notebook. Thus, I will try the free version of it. Then I will upgrade if I find it useful for me.
    I had a tour on your website and I find it very useful for everyone.
    Wishing you a great success

    1. Hello, Rania

      I am happy you did learn something new about Microsoft from my article,
      and I wish you a great experience with Microsoft Notebook


  2. The laptop and notebook is so similar it’s hard to tell the difference. I think I have a laptop, but it’s the size of a notebook.

    1. Hello, Max

      I do understand your confusion, and besides the size with a notebook, you receive less of a powerful computer.
      So if you find your small laptop is slow and less efficient for your tasks, you might have a notebook instead of a laptop.


  3. Hey Jeff,

    Another great article. Microsoft notebook looks like it could be really good for people who use laptops all day for work or for their business. This could be something I invest in.

    If I do eventually purchase Microsoft Notebook then I will let you know and I will give my review of it.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


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