What Is Email Marketing About

What Is Email Marketing About

What is email marketing about is a blogger’s bread and butter to earning an income online, and I am earning ninety-percent of my income by using this marketing strategy. If you are interested in learning more about how I do this, I recommend you read this business tutorial.

Subscriber List Building Strategy

I am going to share with you my own subscriber list building strategy I have been using for years, and you are free to copy this that is the reason I am sharing this information with you.

  • The first step that is the most important key to potential customers signing up is providing content that will provide value.
  • As a general guideline, I suggest you focus on ninety-percent of your marketing strategy to be sharing information your readers will love to read.
  • The majority of your email marketing publications should be sharing information instead of selling, and this is the key to prevent people from unsubscribing.
  • What has worked the best for me is to write mini-blogs, and your posts should be taken as seriously as your blog posts on your website.
  • As tempting as it is you should only insert one or two at the most affiliate links, and limit one call-to-action button in an appropriate place.
  • I always make a point to offer something for free, and this can be something as simple as a PDF document you created with tips and tricks related to your niche with no affiliate links.
  • e-books are another good choice of freebies to include, and you can find free e-books online on several websites within your niche.

This is the basic guide I use myself in my newsletters and VIP publications, and I offer a dropdown of three choices of topics in my VIP publications as a strategy to find out what my subscribers are the most interested in. So this is the how-to email marketing guide I recommend and use.

what is email marketing about
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Pop-Ups Forms

First I will share my opinion on pop-ups, I suggest very strongly if you are using more than two of these you might be scaring visitors away. I use one of these on my website set up to appear five seconds after they arrive on my website, and this works really well since it does not interrupt them in the middle of reading my posts. You also can get away with one set to appear as they are going to leave, and in my opinion, these are the two best pop-ups for you to use.

Sign-Up Forms

I have actually had more sign-ups using my own form on my menu than from my pop-ups, and I use the free forms plugin WP Forms. You can add three dropdown choices as an option which has been very successful for me, and this has been such an asset to learning what my readers are the most interested in. You have other form choices as well, so if you are looking for a form plugin I do recommend WP Forms. You can install and activate this plugin from your WordPress dashboard, you just find your plugins and click on add new plugin. Once you get there just type in WP Forms in the search box, and install and activate and you are ready to start creating your forms. So this is how to create a sign-up form with a dropdown option that is completely free to do.

VIP Publications

I named my form from this plugin VIP Publications, and this has received more attention since my readers will sign-up with curiosity about what they will receive as a VIP subscriber. This is an additional publication from my pop-up newsletter form, so this is something to consider if you are looking for ways to get more subscribers. This will provide you more work writing for more than one newsletter, but by me writing only one blog post per week, this gives me the time to publish more publications. I also find since this is producing ninety-percent of my income it is well worth my time.

What About Newsletter Services

Most of you will be shopping for newsletter services which there are many that are free, and even though these are tempting and convenient there are some things you need to consider.

  • Limited to the number of emails you can send monthly
  • Subscriber limits
  • Many will ban you for inserting affiliate links

These are three of the most important things to consider before signing up, and you want to be sure this is the service you want to use before you start receiving a large subscriber list.

These are the three best newsletter providers used by the majority of bloggers that are free, but Mail Chimp I know will ban you if you insert affiliate links since they banned me years ago. I am not using any of these myself because I don’t like being restricted by their rules, but feel free to check them out yourself keeping my tips above in mind. I am providing Benchmark on my website menu and linked it for your convenience, and I do feel it is the best out of the three.

what is email marketing about
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How To Create A Newsletter

So you might be wondering how I create my newsletter and publications, I am using Sumo.com which I highly recommend to anyone who prefers another option. I am receiving for free my sharing buttons and my pop-up form with this option and my subscribers are added directly as they signup right on my website. I also have a pre-made welcome to new subscribers and other benefits, but best of all I have an email newsletter creator right on my website that I love. You must understand you have to create the newsletter from scratch, but anyone who is interested I will gladly assist you with this and it is easier than you might think.

How To Create A Newsletter On WordPress

What about WordPress plugins for creating your business newsletter, and this is another option you can consider that is totally free as well. Some plugins are more difficult to set up for this than others, so here are the best ones recommended by small business owners and bloggers.

  • Newsletter
  • Mail Poet
  • Email Subscribers
  • Pop-Up Builder
  • Mail Jet
  • Mail Optin

I am not able to recommend any of these myself, but these are the ones many of my friends are using with success. You should always check before installing and activating any plugins on your website, you can check to see if they are recommended for your website theme.

Free Newsletter Templates

If you are nervous about creating your own newsletter from scratch you do have the option of using a template, and Hubspot has written the article 15 of the Best Email Newsletter Templates you can check out if this appeals to you. All you have to do is treat this like a mini-blog post, and this will ease your anxiety. You can create all your images on Canva for free, and you also can use free images from Pixabay or Unsplash.

What Is Email Marketing About

This is my mentoring for free tutorial on email marketing to get you started on the right track, and this is just my own strategy that is working for me, but you are more than welcome to use anything in this blog post for your own business. Mentoring With Jeff is dedicated to providing you all the information on this website absolutely free, I started this business because I want to help as many of you as I can. You will notice my tutorials are not filled with affiliate links, and that is because my blog posts are not to take your money, but to provide you with valuable information.

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  1. Thanks again Jeff for this another great article and mini tutorial on email marketing. This is very helpful for a newbie like me. I still have a lot to learn so I will be following you. 🙂


    1. I thank you. Jen

      I really do appreciate you taking the time to read and comment,
      and when readers like you share it helps my website so much


  2. Thanks for the informative article. Marketing email is something I want to know more about and it looks like i can with the help of your website.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your sharing. I used Active campaign to send newsletters to my readers. There is an opt-in form on my website. Active campaign is quite a good tool to collect emails. I usually send newsletters weekly. It’s great for finding the loyal fans and their responses to some ads.

    1. That is great, Ty Chan

      I am happy you found Active Campaign to be working very well for you,
      and if you ever are looking for a plugin that I really like try
      Email Subscribers.


  4. This article really has me thinking about utilizing email marketing. I haven’t really considered it before, as I just thought it wouldn’t be as much of a benefit to me and what I write about. But you provided quite a bit of information that broke down some of the walls I had originally put up before. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and providing many folks, like myself, a starting point with email marketing!

  5. Great post Jeff. Loved how you described making your email messages be like mini blog posts. So important to provide value in them! Question for you. You mention pop ups, have you found any negative SEO effects from using them? I want to use them myself but was concerned search engines might frown upon their use?

    Thanks man

    1. Hello, Robb

      You have asked a very good question, I would never use more than one or two pop-ups
      and the only way I would use them within 3-5 seconds after a visitor arrives on your site
      and when they go to leave.

      Any other time and often you chase your visitor away, and this does hurt your SEO ranking
      when your visitors are not staying on your website as long


  6. I congratulate you for sharing this well written, thought provoking, topic with your readers. This is a topic that many of us that market affiliate products should learn about and you cover it very well in this article. I intend to adopt some of the email marketing techniques you mentioned in my marketing from now on.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Kelly

      I am very happy some of my techniques appear to your own marketing strategy,
      and this is a very difficult strategy for many people to learn but at the
      same time one of the most effective for getting more sales


  7. Jeff, thank you so much for this tutorial. I’ve been wanting to try email marketing for ages but have been a bit confused about the whole thing. This has been so helpful. I didn’t even know that there were sites that provided newletters. And wasn’t sure about pop up plugins either. Thanks for enlightening me. It’s doesn’t seem so difficult anymore.

    1. Hello, Debbie

      I am happy to hear this tutorial did clear up some of your confusion
      on email marketing, and if you need any assistance feel free to
      leave me a comment


  8. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the information and sort of gave me a jolt to start focusing on email marketing, which I keep putting to back of my mind.

    You mention Mailerlite which I was checking out recently so thanks for reminding me.

    Thanks for the plugin which I have installed and looks pretty cool.

    1. I am happy for you, Mick

      This is a scary step for all of us when first starting using this strategy,
      but once you get into the routine it is a piece of cake


  9. Jeff, another informative article about email marketing. Thanks for recommending the above tools. I have been using active campaign. But I havent heard of the tools you mentioned here. I also used mailchimp before but I found that the functions are not as good as that of active campaign. In the active campaign, there are scores which can define the readers.

    At which stage should we add the newsletter function to our WP website? I still havent got much traffic. Should I install that plugin now?

    1. Hello, Ty Chan

      I highly recommend you add your newsletter marketing strategy as soon as you can,
      and when your traffic does start increasing you will already have your sign up forms
      and pop-ups in place


  10. Hello Jeff,

    Your article is very enlightening. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and knowledge of email marketing and the various tools you use to make you successful, plus all the other major ones out there.

    Very much interested in leveraging newsletters. We will look into Sumo and the other free ones you indicated and see what would be best for us. So far, has Sumo served you well?

    Thanks again and more power!

  11. Always look forward to your tips and strategies, Jeff. I have yet to incorporate email marketing to my site but I intend to follow your tutorial.

    There’s always something to learn…thank you.

  12. Hi Jeffrey,

    Thank You for this wonderful post on email marketing and all that you do..

    I really want to thank you for raising your concerns about us living in New York. At the moment, I cannot write on WA. Fortunately we are well so far, and staying indoors in isolation.

    Please watch m new You Tube video “Coronavirus in Chelsea”. https://youtu.be/4rnTT-L4rTk


    The US has now passed China as the most infected country in the world, and my hometown of NYC is the “hub” of infection with a 5x higher “attack rate” (those who get the virus out of the population) than any other city in the world. With over 85,000 coronavirus cases in NYC, we have 8x more Covid-19 cases than any other state, and close to half of all cases in the entire country.

    There are simply TOO MANY people who are still taking this pandemic too casually and are not practicing social distancing, and equipment will soon be unable to meet demand of the increasing number getting sick. Governor Cuomo has been begging to the federal government for desperately needed ventilators, gloves, and gowns, etc. but our pubescent president so far will not comply.

    Stay safe, stay home, and continue to practice social distancing. It’s the only way until they get a vaccine. And then Pray.

  13. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in email marketing. Everything is so new to me and so I need to learn a lot from people like you.
    This post really is an eye-opening. Very informative and useful for a newbie like myself.
    I’ll bookmark your site and hope to see more post like this.


    1. Hello, Ferra

      I do my best to write my training for beginners,
      and I hope I am doing a good job so you can
      understand my training information clearly


  14. Thank you for this detailed article
    I wish I would have found out this article so soon.
    I use MailChimp as an email marketing service provider. I started a month ago, but I didn’t know there was such a restriction as inserting an affiliate link in my campaigns.
    What puzzles me is the fact that I can’t insert an affiliate link in my campaigns.
    I only have 70 contacts. If I want to witch to Benchmark, can I import my contacts?
    Waiting for your answer.

    1. Hello, Sebastian

      You do have the option to import your contacts from Mail Chimp to your computer,
      and then you would have to upload them to Benchmark which I feel is a much
      better choice


  15. Hi Jeff, thank you so much for this nice post. I heard about email marketing but I had no idea what it was all about. What I researched it online, it was so complicated to understand that I gave up on it. Your explanation is so easy to understand that I will give it a try. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you, Carole

      I really am happy to hear my training was clear and easy
      to understand, you can always leave me a message if you
      need help setting up your email marketing


  16. Hi Jeff,

    Another great article. Email Marketing is so important as an online business owner, or even an offline business owner too.

    I have yet to build a substantial list for my business, but with your advice I think I can take a big bite out of my E-Mail marketing strategy. If I need any further help then I will come back to your article and I will get in touch when I have some questions.

    Thanks again for sharing, and thank you for being a great mentor to us.

    All the best,


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