Ways To Advertise Your Business Free

Ways To Advertise Your Business Free

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You have spent the time to choose the best business niche and the best high paying affiliate programs, and you have written and published high-quality blog posts. Now you might be struggling to get traffic to your website, so what are some ways to advertise your business for free?

New Business Online

Being the new business online is very similar to being the new kid on the block, you are not going to be just accepted by search engines or your website visitors until you prove yourself. This is the reason the majority of people who start an online business gives it up within the first two years, but those of you who stick it out will succeed. You will find helping small business owners and bloggers is what this website is all about, you will not find any affiliate links in any of my business tutorials. and I started these tutorials to help people like you.

Listing Your Business

The majority of you are very much like myself when I started my own business, so I know very well most of you can’t afford to use paid ads. I have never used a paid ad since starting my business, and with years of hard work, I have found free online advertising sites you can list your business at no cost to you.

You will find links in my business tutorials that take you to other pages on my website, but these are inserted only for your convenience to navigate my website and to my online store. Even though my online store does have some affiliate programs, I want you to know you are not expected to join any of them unless you really want to.

ways to advertise your business free
Ways To Advertise Your Business Free

Yelp For Business

Another awesome resource for small business owners and bloggers is this free business directory USA by the name of Yelp, and you will find millions of business owners listed on this directory so why not yours?

  • Join The Community
  • Add Photographs
  • List Your Business Information
  • Business Hours
  • Contact Information
  • Set Up Appointments
  • Communicate From Your Business Page
  • Encourage Feedback
  • Engage With Your Customers
  • Find Potential New Customers
  • Business Page Tracking
  • Rated Number One Business Directory

List Your Business On Yelp For Free

List Your Business On Google

I am surprised how many small business owners and bloggers are not aware of how to list their business, so many of my website visitors contact me asking me what is Google for Business. You can list your business for free, and you will even receive emails when your ad is going to expire. The name has been changed to Google my business, but the free services remain the same. This is great free advertising and increased my traffic dramatically within only a few months.

Recommended Business Directories

Many of you might be surprised how many resources there are that are absolutely free, so here is some I suggest you consider adding your business when you have free time.

You might notice these are free business directory UK, but I still recommend you check them out especially if you are promoting affiliate programs. The United States and the United Kingdom are responsible for the majority of purchases online, so it only makes sense to list your business with directories for both of these countries. You will find some of these you must be located in the United Kingdom, but some you can be located outside of the United Kingdom so it is worth checking them out.

ways to advertise your business free
ways to advertise your business free

Small Business Owners Resources

Blogger Resources

Ways To Advertise Your Business Free

This article is by no means providing you all the ways you can advertise your business, but these should give you a good start and keep you busy for quite a while. I also provided you some small business and blogger resources you might find useful, so I really do hope you check them out.

What Is On My Mind Today

I really do want more than anything to help you succeed, and my online store is filled with the best high-paying affiliate programs, and even though I need to earn an income from this website you always come before money. I will be adding more goodies to my store as time permits, so feel free to browse my store as often as you like. I plan to start publishing my business newsletter and my VIP Tutorial starting in January 2020, so if you are interested in either please sign up for them.

I want to wish you all a positive beginning in 2020


13 thoughts on “Ways To Advertise Your Business Free

  1. Thanks for all the information. I appreciate all the time you put into packing this post with so many different advertising resources, I will definitely check them out.

    1. Thank You, Dena
      I am devoting my business tutorials to help as many people as possible
      who are new to the online business industry, I know when I started my
      own business I had no idea there were so many ways to advertise your
      business for free

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these. I am all about expanding my business and market it in all possible networks. I am really glad you put one thorough article that has all of the much needed websites at one place. I will definitely bookmark this post and your website, because you really provide great knowledge.

    1. I thank you for your kind words towards my post and website,
      I am especially devoting my business tutorials to new business
      owners and bloggers to help them experience success quicker
      then I did.


  3. Hi Jeff, I’m so glad I came across your website today as you have listed so many great options for advertising for free. I have been blogging for 2.5 years now and am at the point where I am creating my own ebook/diet and exercise program, so I am hoping to finally start making some cash soon.

    But, when I first stat out I will have no money for advertising, so what would be the best things on your list for somebody who doesn’t have a local business, rather a blog? (I think a lot of them are for local businesses right?). Any help you can give me will be hugely appreciated. You seem like a really knowledgeable and trustworthy guy so I would love your opinion.

    Thanks again, I have bookmarked your page, and also signed up to your mailing list so I don’t miss future posts 🙂

    1. Thank You Stefanie,

      If I could only recommend one resource to anyone it would be Google My Business, you will find this
      will increase your traffic in a few months and it is free to promote your posts each time you publish
      a new one and they even contact you through email when you last post ad is going to expire


  4. Hey Jeff,

    You listed some really good idea on how to advertise your business for free.You can have the greatest product or service ever invented but if nobody knows about it you’re lost.
    I never heard of Hot Frog and I’m going to give it a try.

    1. I appreciate you reading my post and commenting,
      I am always motivated by my reader’s comments
      and messages I receive through my contact form.

      I highly recommend you list your business on Google My Business
      if you have not already


  5. Hello Jeff. I really like your site. I will bookmark it so that I can reference it in the future. You have a lot of great information and resources here that I was not aware of. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank You, Tyler,
      I am planning on adding resources to my affiliate store very soon,
      so this should be a place you bookmark as well to visit frequently

      Are you listed in Google My Business, I recommend you do it is free
      and will increase your traffic and sales dramatically within a few

  6. Thanks for this list, Jeff. I am really lucky to have found your website, and continue to receive all the great tips.

    This is definitely worth bookmarking. And I will go through the entire list, and advertise my businesses for free.

    As a small business owner, and the business being relatively new, it is great to have these free resources. With a small budget, free places to advertise, like these, are much appreciated.

    Once again, thank you!

  7. Hi Jeff,
    As a newer affiliate marketer still in my first year, you’ve provided some valuable information in this post that I will definitely be taking into consideration. I’ve learned so much from just this one post, your wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to help out the newbies.

    I’m so glad I’ve found your site and will be returning 🙂


    1. Welcome, Ms. Armstrong

      I am always happy to hear from new visitors to my website,
      and I do provide free business training if you are ever in
      the need for my free services

      Be sure to list your business on Google My Business



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