Tips And Tools To Pick The Best Domain For Your Blog

Tips And Tools To Pick The Best Domain For Your Blog

What Is A Domain

Tips and tools to pick the best domain for your blog or website is another important decision you really need to think about, I know when I started my first several websites, and then wanted to change niches this was a disturbing problem for me. So for anyone new to starting a business you might be wondering what is a domain, I will try to explain this as simple as I can to you.

Your domain name is the address of the of your business which is referred to as your url, since there are so many websites online today you have to register your name to be sure your name is unique.

Website Vs Domain

When I began my journey online I had no idea, there was a difference between a website and a domain, you can think of your domain as the name of your website. While your url is your address or how people will find your business site. There is a yearly fee when you register the name you choose, so this is really another important decision you need to think about carefully. I do hope this clears up the difference between the two, but I know this can be confusing for beginners.

Cost Of Your Domain Name

I am sure you are wondering how much is this going to cost, you will be relieved to know this is a very inexpensive yearly expense for your business. If you shop around, you will find the average cost ranges between $15.00 and $20.00 per year, now you must consider what extension to use for your blog or website.

Domain Extensions

I recommend you choose a name which you can purchase with the extension dot com if you are a business, I really believe you are better off using this extension than any of the others available. Dot com is the telling everyone your site is a commercial website, but what if you have your heart set on a name and dot com is not available?

tips and tools to pick the best domain for your blog
What other domain name extensions are there besides dot com

This might blow your mind, but there are more than 400 extensions available on the internet today, but many of them are no use to you for your business, so I will share with you the most common extensions used by most websites.

  • Dot com is the most common extension use for all types of websites online today
  • Dot net started out for network websites, but this is the recommended extension I recommend if dot com is not available
  • Dot org is if your creating a site for an organization and most often these are non-profit organizations which use this extension
  • Dot Edu is used for schools and colleges which represents your site is an educational website
  • Dot Info is used for a information only website not providing any products or services for sale
  • Dot biz is another alternative to dot com or dot net if dot com is not available for a commercial website
  • Dot me is one I have rarely seen myself, but this extension can be used for a personal website

Choosing Your Domain Name

Many beginners find it stressful choosing their domain name for their first website, I know this was very difficult for me when I started out, and I made many mistakes before starting Mentoring With Jeff. I had several other sites before this one. One thing which is really important is to be sure you have chosen the right niche, I jumped from niche to niche my first few years which only complicated me finding any real success.

  • Simple is always best and avoid hyphens and other symbols as much as possible, you want something easy to remember for people which describes what your business is all about.
  • Short with as few words as possible yet clearly describing your website are the easiest for people to remember
  • Easy for people to understand what products and services you provide
  • Using keywords if possible is always a bonus
  • Be creative and choose at least three possible names in case your first choice is taken
  • Put yourself in searchers shoes if your name is easily remembered and catchy enough to get attention
  • Consider making small changes to your preferred name to make it unique and available if taken
  • Even though dot com is the preferred extension be open to using dot net or dot biz as good second choices

15 Best Domain Name Generators

The best tools you can use are domain name generators, you can check out these 15 generators which are absolutely free for you to use.

tips and tools to pick the best domain for your blog
Purchasing your own unique name provides your business many benefits

So now you know the best domain name extensions for a business and the best free domain name generators, but why do you really need your own unique address, anyway?

Why Purchase A Name

Many of you might be like I was when I started out, I wondered what are the benefits of purchasing a domain name for your business? If you already have your blog or website you have an address for your business, so what are the advantages of purchasing your own unique domain name?

  • Shorter
  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Business Branding
  • Less Confusing
  • Business Identity
  • Reputation
  • Products & Service Awareness
  • Builds Trust

Cheapest Domain Name

I know when I started my first business funds were very tight, so I was shopping around for the best deal I could get. Even though the investment is not expensive, why not get the best deal you can and save yourself a little money?

Tips And Tools To Pick The Best Domain For Your Blog

This should give you a good start with some good resources to check out and consider, I have one more tip which I have found to be very useful for myself over the years. You can use the domain name generators to find what is available before you design your website, you can purchase your unique name as soon as you publish your first post on your website.

tips and tools to pick the best domain for your blog
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Whats On My Mind Today

I really hope my tips and tools to pick the best domain for your blog has been helpful, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact me with my contact form on Mentoring With Jeff or my Facebook page.

Thank You


2 thoughts on “Tips And Tools To Pick The Best Domain For Your Blog

  1. This is great information for someone just starting out with a website to get familiar with many of the terms they use out on the web. I do wish I would have had this information just starting out as it would have saved so many headaches. I do agree that it is best to really think about what your niche will be and stick with it in order to find success. It seems like each and every time you make a change it is like starting from scratch.

  2. Jeff this is very useful information that I’m sure will make things a lot easier for those just starting out. I agree with Dena. I wish I had this information when I first started. All though I have been tempted to change my niche, I’m glad I choose to drill down and refine it instead;however, I can see the value in giving yourself a deadline and then reevaluating as to whether you should change niches. This strategy has also worked well for some people. I think putting your name, as you have done with “Mentoring with Jeff’ or what you do as a blogger friend of mine brilliantly did with her website, MostlyBlogging, is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.

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