The Best Webhosting For Affiliate Marketing

The Best Webhosting For Affiliate Marketing

What Is Web Hosting Services

Before we discuss the best webhosting for affiliate marketing I want to be sure you all understand exactly what these companies do, I want all you beginners to understand so you can make better choices which company and plan to choose.

These companies provide services which basically allows your website to be seen online, many of these companies today will also provide you a domain if you need one of those as well.

Tips For Website Owners

This is your next most important step in starting your business online, many beginners make the mistake of going with the least expensive provider which can lead you into trouble. You are putting the security of your business in the hands of whichever company you sign up with, you don’t want to be one of the 30,000 websites hacked every day. So next I am going to share with you some tips to avoid experiencing being one of these statistics, now what do you look for in a reputable web host provider?

the best webhosting for affiliate marketing
Choosing a reliable web hosting company can determine the success of your business

I am going to provide you with 10 tips for choosing the right web hosting company now, if you keep these tips in mind you will be in the right track to signing up with a company you can depend on.

  1. Know your needs and if the company can provide them, you want to take in consideration what you are going to use your website for and be sure the provider you choose can provide those needs without any downtime.
  2. I recommend you avoid shared hosting plans; I started out with this myself to save money which I had to upgrade within a few months. You will find shared plans are slow, which can cost you returned traffic and sales. You might also find your website is not always available when more people are online.
  3. Research and read customer reviews for providers you are not familiar with, if you are not familiar with the company name you really need to be careful before signing up with them.
  4. I recommend you use a provider which can provide you more bandwidth than you actually need, this allows your business room to grow without needing to purchase additional bandwidth later. The higher the bandwidth the better, so purchasing a plan with the highest bandwidth you can afford is recommended.
  5. This is one time you should not jump on what sounds to be a great deal before considering the tips in this article, when it comes to web hosting it is true most of the time you get what you pay for. So if you are going to splurge on anything, I suggest you consider splurging on the best web hosting you can afford.
  6. We all take for granted at times and sign up for services without reading the terms of service, but when it comes to web hosting you really need to stop and take your time to read their terms of service.
  7. Check out their customer support by contacting them with questions, you will find by doing this if they are going to support you efficiently when the time comes when you really need their support.
  8. Does the provider have a backup if your website happens to go down, you never know when something could happen to your website and all your data. You will find the better providers have backups of your website for such an emergency, so this is another must have when choosing a web host company and plan.
  9. Can the company protect your customer’s personal information, you want to be confident you can promise your customers their private information is safe with you.
  10. It is wise to avoid signing up with a new company offering you an awesome deal, you will be smart to go with a provider who has been in business with a good reputation and pay a higher price.
the best webhosting for affiliate marketing
What are the best web hosting providers for wordpress

Recommended For WordPress

Since most of you who are shopping for a web host service are more likely using WordPress, I am going to recommend in my opinion which one’s are your best choices to consider.

  • Blue Host
  • Dream Host
  • Site Ground
  • Host Gator

Blue Host

Blue Host is one of the largest web host companies and highly recommended for WordPress, and they are a good choice for affiliate marketing websites.

  • Domain Hosting
  • Email
  • Web-building
  • Domain Search Tool
  • Shared plans
  • Basic plans
  • Plus plans
  • Pro plans
  • Prime plans

Blue Host pricing plans are one-year and two-year plans, but they don’t have any monthly plans which is the only reason I am not using them for my own website. I prefer whenever possible to go with a monthly plan on any services I purchase for my own business, so if you are shopping for a monthly plan Blue Host might not be right for you?

Dream Host

Dream Host is the company I have been using for years with no complaints or problems, I also am able to pay on a monthly payment plan which costs me less than $30.00 per month. With my plan I have unlimited bandwidth which ensures me I will always have more than I will need, you will find over 1.5 million websites are using this provider.

  • Custom control panel
  • 1-click installer
  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  • 24/7 support which I have never needed
  • SSDs
  • Shared hosting not recommended
  • Dream Press hosting recommended
  • VPS Hosting recommended but not required for beginners

Dream Host pricing and plans 2019

Site Ground

Site Ground is another highly recommended company for WordPress users, they have an awesome customer support according to their customers. You will find affordable pricing with a variety of plans, now the complaints are website and email malfunctions as well as they don’t provide any backup data.

  • Website transfers
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free email accounts
  • Domain names
  • Cloud hosting
  • Student hosting

Interested in Site Ground pricing and plans

Host Gator

Host Gator is one of the oldest web hosting companies and still popular today, you can move your website to this company at no cost to you. Good choice for beginners with simple options available, they have improved their uptime to 99.98% in the past 16 months.

  • Beginner friendly
  • Good customer support
  • 45 day money-back guarantee
  • Site security available
  • Free site transfer

You will find a love and hate relationship with most website owners using this company, but it is still in business for some reason so it is still one of the most popular web hosting providers.

Host Gator Pricing

the best webhosting for affiliate marketing
Now you might be thinking what should I do

What Should I Do

Many of you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about now, I know when I was shopping for a web host service I was as confused as you might be. You have my best tips to help you weed out which one of these is the best for you, so you.

The Best Webhosting For Affiliate Marketing

Now you must use my tips to narrow down which one of these web hosting companies is right for you, I chose Dream Host because it provided the best plans I could pay monthly instead of yearly, otherwise I would have more likely went with Blue Host. If you can avoid using a shared plan, I recommend you avoid them. I started out with a shared plan and in a short time I had to upgrade anyway to the plan I am using today. Site Ground is loved by some people and some people had nothing but problems, so you just never know for sure how it might work for you? Host Gator is known to be beginner friendly, but you also have to take an account there are extra fees if you want more than what comes with their plans. so my advice is to take a peek at all of these providers and use my tips to pick the one which works the best for you and your budget.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Webhosting For Affiliate Marketing

  1. Awesome post, Jeff! Very helpful for anyone who is looking for a web hosting provider. It can be a newbie searching for one or even an experienced business owner.

    I have a few websites. And I know that when it is time to renew the web hosting service I am currently using, I would do some research, and see what is available out there. Never know when there can be a new and better service, or a better deal.

    I will definitely come back to this post when it is time to review my current hosting provider. Thank you!

  2. This is a great article for those just starting out in the affiliate marketing arena. I know trying to decide on the best web hosting provider can be a daunting task, as you said the host holds you business in their hands. I know I want a reliable hosting company and have been using Blue Host for several years now. When I was just getting started with them I had to transfer my sites over and being a newbie in the web hosting market, I had know idea what to do. I found that their customer service was just a phone call away and they were ready to help anyway they can. I can say my experience with them has been top notch.

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