Speed Up My Computer

Speed Up My Computer

Speed up my computer is a business training I feel is very important for everyone with an online business, and when your website is operating slow many times your visitors will not stick around very long. In case you are wondering why I have added computer training and business training is I feel this is the most important tool you will ever use. You can’t be earning an income online without a smooth running site, and so this the reason I feel both of these are necessary for you to learn.

Early Signs Of A Slow Computer

One of the first signals most of us will notice is our website is loading slower than normal, and another sure sign is when it starts to freeze up while you are searching online. Often the problem can be there just are too many programs running at the same time, but there can be more problems going on that is causing this problem.

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Bottleneck
  • Freezing Mouse
  • Server Messages
  • Webpages Error Messages
  • Browse Crashing
  • Crazy Unexplained Malfunctioning
speed up my computer
What Is Computer Errors Are Often Messages Such As This One Can Be An Early Sign You Need to Provide Some Tender Loving Care

Software Tools For Windows Errors

The first thing I used to think as soon as one of these scary messages jumps out at me as I have been infected by malware or a virus, but actually a neglected computer can also be a possible reason these messages are jumping out at you. There are software tools for window errors, but before you go downloading any of these I recommend you check your computer speed and correct that problem before anything else.

  • SafeBytes Anti-Malware
  • Drivers Assist
  • Stellar Outlook PST
  • Total System Repair
  • Spy Hunter

Total System Repair is recommended by Error Tools, and they claim everyday people are downloading this software was a solution to many of their website errors. So if you are asking yourself how to speed up my computer, I recommend your check out this software only if nothing else works that I am going to share.

Stellar Outlook PST software is a recovery tool, and this tool extracts and restores mailbox data from corrupted PST files.

  • Repairs & Restores Large-Size PST Files
  • Retrieves Emails, Attachments, Contacts, and More
  • 100 % Secure Download

Spy Hunter Software is a highly recommended malware detection and removal tool, and here is what they claim their software tool can do for you.

  • Fast Malware Scan & Detection
  • Detects Threats
  • Multi-Layer Scanning
  • Vulnerability Detecting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Guards & Protects

SafeBytes Anti-Malware claims to be new and improved, I really don’t understand how it can be new when it has been around for a while. I can understand it could be improved, so maybe this is an entirely new version of the old software?

  • Removes Malware & Spyware
  • Threat Detection
  • Works Automatically 24/7
  • Shields
  • Protects
  • Blocks

Drivers Assist is a software program that protects your computer drivers, and this also is supposed to make updating your drivers easy even for beginners.

  • Auto Driver Install
  • Smart Device Feature
  • Backup & Restore
  • Intelligence Driver
  • USB Management
  • 24/7 Support

Now you have the highest recommended software that claims to improve your computer speed, and at the same time provide you with many other impressive features. You can download any of these for free, but these are paid software programs, and I suggest you try how I keep my computer running well at the age of over 8 years old, and see if this works for you at a much lower investment.

speed up my computer
Feel Free To Check Out My Free Resources I Use For My Own Business

Malware Virus Software

I was having all kinds of problems with my computer being slow and infected by malware and viruses even when it was brand new, but ever since I installed the Panda Free Antivirus my problems were solved. Whenever I am experiencing any trouble I just do a scan with Panda, and after a scan, I know if I have any malware or viruses. And then I just clean up all my files even if my computer is not infected, and I am running again like brand new. In over 8 years this antivirus program has protected my computer from any threats, and it does an awesome job cleaning my files as well.

  • Free Antivirus 2020 Updated Version
  • Safe Browsing
  • Blocks Malware, Viruses, & Spyware
  • Wi-Fi Protection
  • Identity Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Free VPN
  • Secure All Your Files, & Images

What is even cooler you can go with the paid version for even more protection, and the paid version will only cost you $5.99 per month. I am still using the free version with awesome results, but I really feel good knowing I can upgrade for such a reasonable price.

Computer Training

This section is going to provide you my free methods to fix a slow computer more times than not, I have experienced many times I just need to give my Hp computer some tender loving care. Slow Computer Starts most often is a sign too many programs are starting at the same time, so what you want to do is click the upward arrow on the right side of your taskbar. If you notice any programs you really don’t need to be running, you can just right-click on those and close them.

speed up my computer

Next, I check my task manager to see what programs are running when I start up my computer, again right-click your task bar on the right as you did above. You then want to select your task manager, you want to go to your start-up tab. Simply view all your programs searching for any you don’t need to be running, but any programs you are not sure what they do just be safe and leave them be. Now choose the program you wish to disable, and all you need to do is right-click on the program and click on disable.

The Task Manager screen.

Many times we become so involved in our business we overlook the importance of updating any software, you should be receiving update notices from windows when you need to update. If you are like me, I often postpone doing the update right away being in the middle of something important. What I suggest is going to your start and click on settings, you then can go to updates & security, Windows Updates.

A Windows Update screen.

I must admit I have a habit of not deleting files I don’t need any longer more often than I should, we really should do this no longer than every week, but I often allow my files to become cluttered until my computer begins to start to run sluggish.

  • High-Resolution Images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files

The majority of us are doing these types of files regularly with a business, so we all need to start making it a routine to delete these files regularly. I also am guilty of letting all these files sitting in my recycle bin instead of emptying the trash right away. I am also guilty of saving everything in folders in case I need them later, and we just don’t realize how this can slow down our computers.

Back to our task manager once again, but this time we are going to click on More Details. We want to check in more detail our programs, I usually click on program header to sort which of my programs are using the most of my resources in that section. This is very helpful to understand which of your program could be contributing to your slow computer, but most of the time these programs are needed so never disable or delete anything you are not sure if you need or not. I once on another computer accidentially deleted my sound card, and once I did this it was lost forever.

speed up my computer

Checking your power options is never a bad idea, and Windows provides several of these options.

  • Balanced
  • Power Saver
  • High Performance

The default setting on my computer was balanced which would be like medium, and power saver is to save your electricity and will slow your computer. I set mine on the high performance which really made a difference. So this is another setting you can check, and try the high performance if you are not concerned about using more electricity.

Power plan options.

Do you happened to have old programs you might have forgotten about, I have Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer which I rarely use. Since I started using Canva this is what I use, so I really should uninstall this program which will speed up my computer even more.

Just for anyone unfamiliar with this process, I will share a how-to guide, you will go to your Control Panel. You will then go to Programs, and then Program & Features. From here you can view all your programs and uninstall the old programs you are not using, but again be very careful before uninstalling any you are not sure if you need. So when in doubt, I would just let a program alone to be safe.

The Programs and Features screen.

Did you know you can turn Windows Features off, you can do this in the Program Features? You just click on Turn Windows Features on and off, and this will take you to all your Windows Features.

A Windows Features screen.

Again you want to be sure what you are turning off, but at least this is not nearly as dangerous as disabling or uninstalling programs. You can always go back and turn a feature off or on, but I still would avoid turning anything off if you don’t know if you need it or not?

Windows Disc Tool is a built-in tool that cleans up your junk files, you find this in your Control Panel System & Security, Administrative Tools, and you will see Disco Clean up and click on it.

The Disk Cleanup options.

You will choose the file types you want rid of, and click OK. Then you will click on clean up system files, and choose any you wish to remove. Another website with tools that can help you with this goes by the name of System Mechanic and this is made by IOLO. Other tools you will find are:

  • Privacy Guardian
  • System Mechanic Business
  • System Shield
  • Search & Recover
  • Drive Scrubber

If you are interested in any of these tools to learn more about, you can use the System Mechanic link above and it wil take you to a page with all these tools for you to explore.

speed up my computer

Go to My Computer, Properties,Tools, and look for Optimize Defragment Drive, you will then click on Optimize.

The Tools tab of the drive properties screen.

The Optimize Screen will pop up, and the screen will appear and look something like this.

A list of the drives to be optimizied.

So you will select the HDD Drive, and click Analyze. This will allow you to inspect how fragamented it is, I always keep mine at 5% or less.

Graphics & Animations are abundant on the new Windows and as cool as they are they can slow down your computer as well. You can disable these that will provide you more processing power, so back to the Control panel we go. System & Security, System, Advanced System Settings. Next, you want to go to the Performance Section, and click on Settings.

The Visual Effects tab within Performance Options.

Select Adjust For Best Performance, I still recommend you consisder Panda Free Antivirus or another software for malware & virus protection.

Cortana uses a ton of resources and also can be a privacy threat, you can remove this but it is not really recommended by me if you are a beginner. You have to edit your System Registry, so if this is something your wish to tackle I suggest you follow this step-by-step article How To Disable Cortana.

Speed Up My Computer

If you use this guide when you purchase a new computer you will save yourself a lot of work down the road, Windows does provide you with a lot of features that will slow your computer speed as you start adding business software and tools on your own. I rarely need to use very many of these Windows maintenance other than the Windows Updates and cleaning out my file folders, and empty my recycling bin since adding Panda Free Virus.

23 thoughts on “Speed Up My Computer

  1. What a world of knowledge Jeff. Fantastic tips and very relevant to me for sure. I just bought a new Acer Aspire 5 and I experienced it getting slower after only a few weeks. I was shocked as I thought not to experience speed issues for a long time with a new laptop but I was wrong.
    Your article is great and very helpful and I will definitely be going through some of your suggestions. I have Grammarly on my laptop too and was reading somewhere that this slow down the browser a lot too, however, I really need It though.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful suggestions.
    Best wishes.

    1. Hello, Jude

      I experienced the same thing when I bought my desktop computer over 8 years ago, I thought I had bought myself a lemon product at first.
      You will experience better performance when buying a new computer by eliminating any programs you know you are never going to use, but you
      do need to understand which programs you need and which ones you can do without.

      I wish you the best with the Acer Aspire,


  2. Hi Jeff,
    this is such a great, very useful article! Thanks for suggestions, I’ll definitely use some of them, since my computer is operating slow. I’ve bookmarked this page!
    Thank you so much,

    1. Hello, Tanya

      I chose this topic simply because of my own experience with a slow computer shortly after I bought it brand new, and I bought an HP that is
      one of the better brands. So with this being such a common problem for so many of us, I thought this would benefit so many people.


  3. I always fail to understand why people don’t do housekeeping on their computer. You explained quite extensively what tools one can use to make the process smooth. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Hello, Hannie
      The main reason is most of us don’t want to take the time from other things we want to do online,
      but weekly maintenance on a computer is just as important if you own a vehicle


  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this informative article about how to speed up our computers. I used to think I just need to improve the speed of my website, so I learn something new from your post.

    I love the tip to use System Mechanic to check our computer, so it’s like a cloud-based software to examine C, D drives without downloading to our computer, right?

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Hi Jeff
    Interesting post
    Recently my computer at work got slow and I think I can use some of your tips in this post
    Thanks for the informative article

  6. I was actually reading the article and doing some of the things you mentioned to speed up my computer. Also bookmarked the page so I can come back to it later and try some of the others too.

    Thanks Jeff,


    1. Hello, Regina

      I am happy I provided you some more ways to speed up your computer you were not aware of, and
      I hope this training helps you and your computer.


  7. Thank you Jeff – for all of this great information. Wow, you have given us so many helpful tasks to improve our computer’s performance. I will be printing this off so I can go through your step by step instructions. I appreciate your suggestion for using Panda for anti-virus protection, going through our programs most often used for a cleanup process. Lots of information in your post, Thanks again.
    Keep well,
    Nancy Hamar

    1. Hello, Nancy

      I thank you for visiting Mentoring with Jeff, and I am very pleased you found this article interesting and helpful to improve your own computer speed.


  8. Nothing more frustrating than a slow computer, especially when it hangs! Prevention is also better than cure, so I’m always conscious these days of what I’m installing and running on my computer!

    1. Hello, Gareth

      You are very wise to be more careful what you install on your computer, we often get carried away
      and install many programs that catch our eye and never use them.


  9. Hey Jeff,

    This article was exactly what I needed! I was having issues with my laptop being slow and fussy lately and was desperately looking for a fix for this. Turns out that the antivirus that I was using for my browser had somehow become faulty (a new update that didn’t set too well with my browser, i guess) and so when i uninstalled it, things returned back to normal. However, that left me with no antivirus..

    After reading how pleased you are with Panda Antivirus, I am so glad to know that I will definitely be trying that out now. Thanks for this useful article!

  10. This is a great and extensive post on how to clean up PCs and speed them up. I have not used the Panda Anti Virus software but you can’t beat FREE! To top it all you have used it satisfactorily for 8 years!

    I now will research to see if I should get rid of my Norton Antivirus and start using Panda.

    Thanks for this great post Jeff!


    1. Hello, Joe

      I am completely happy with Panda, and I also was using Norton with much less success so I do recommend Panda
      over Norton even if you go with a paid version it is going to provide you better protection and fewer headaches


  11. Hi Jeff,

    Another great article that I am sure will benefit a lot of people around the world.

    Computer speed is something we all have issues with. No matter how fast our computers are, we always think it should be faster. I don’t think we will ever be satisfied with our computer speeds because we keep comparing how fast our computers are to other people.

    Keep inspiring and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


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