Relay That


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Not a question, but rather a review (since you can’t review an old product): RelayThat is one of my all-time favorite lifetime deals and one of the deals that I use regularly. The ability to quickly create branded, professional-looking images is huge. While you could use something like Canva (which for most things I find too confusing and overwhelming), you won’t have the ability to quickly find a format that works for your need, have beautifully designed templates, and be able to save brand presets (images, colors, and fonts). Additionally, a new feature RelayThat rolled out (and is amazing!!) is the ability to paste in a URL, and they’ll scrape the images and fonts from the page!! :O If you were not one of the lucky Sumolings to get this deal before, don’t delay on this. Craig is one of the nicest people I’ve met who is always quick to answer questions, hear new ideas, and have the community’s feedback on the product. Best of luck on this promotion Craig!! Five tacos on this deal!!