Print On Demand Books

Print On Demand Books

How does print on demand books work might be crossing your mind about now, so I thought I would provide you a simple and easy to understanding guide on how print on demand works.

  1. Someone purchases your book
  2. Your book order will be sent to your print on demand company
  3. The book is then published and shipped directly to the customer
  4. After the print on demand publisher is paid the remainder is your profit

This is the normal process of how any print on demand business works, you can use print on demand for almost any type of product today. So this is another type of business you can consider other than affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

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Print On Demand Advantages

Print on demand books is just one product you can choose to create your own business in this niche, but what are the advantages of promoting this type of business?

  • You can use this service to print on any products you wish to promote besides books, so you could offer a variety of products to earn even more income
  • When it comes to books you can choose from a variety of formats to offer potential buyers.
  • You will never need to keep track of inventory.
  • Updating your book can be done anytime with very little time involved.
  • No investment since your books are published as they are in demand by your customers
  • T-shirts and clothing are the most common print on demand products most of you are familiar with, but you can get a variety of clothing and other types of products to sell in your business as well.

Print On Demand Companies

The companies in this list have been providing a variety of print on demand products for years, so this should tell you there is a demand for this type of product. Most people love these companies because they can create their own unique and personalized gifts, so here are the companies most of you more likely know or have heard their names.

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Print On Demand Books

For those of you interested in promoting books I have a special print on demand company just for you, so how many of you know about Book Bolt and how they can be the answer to your new business? You can get started with them for free, and they provide everything you need to get your business started and running smoothly.

  • Book print on demand
  • Discover the most profitable niches
  • Dedicated to helping people interested in no content book process
  • Guides you to profitable book niches
  • Easy way to find what book lovers are spending their money on
  • Explore thousand of book niches without being time-consuming for you
  • Hassel-free research
  • Book cover design simplified
  • Easy book listing
  • Everything included for $9.99 per month
  • Get started free

What You Get For $9.99

  • Market Research
  • Book Cover Designer
  • Plugins
  • 24/7 Support
  • Compare This To Similar Print On Demand Books Services

Get Started Free

Book Bolt provides everyone a free 3-day trial so you can make sure this is right for your business before any money exchanges hands. For this reason, but they don’t provide refunds.

You can cancel your account at any time and your account will remain active till the end of the billing period. They want to make sure you are fully happy with your product which is why they give out a free 3 day trial for anyone who is interested.

How To Start Your Print On Demand Books Business

How To Get Start Step By Step

If you are in the market for new business opportunities this could be just what you have been looking for, you can get started for free and upgrade later with a very low investment of only $9.99 per month. You can go for the annual payment plan, and if you do you will receive two months free, so this is something to consider as well.

  1. Choose your print on demand product or products
  2. Create your product designs
  3. Plan your marketing strategy
  4. Choose which companies you are going with as suppliers
  5. Start promoting your products

WordPress Store

You can create a store on your WordPress website if you already have one simply by installing and setting up the Woo Commerce plugin, I have this set up on this website so if you are curious feel free to visit my Online Store to help you decide if this right for you.

Shopify Buy Button

Another option to consider for the investment of $9.00 per month is the Shopify Buy Button, you can add some coding to a new page and have an online store on your WordPress website.

Shopify Store

For those of you starting out brand new, you can open your own online store with Shopify for $29.90 per month. Even with this investment, it is well worth the price, you get everything you will ever need to open and manage your store. What is really nice you can start for free with their 14-day free trial no credit card required, and then if you like your experience choose your store plan. I suggest you go with the basic store plan for $29.95, I don’t see why you would need to go with one of the more expensive plans unless you want to.

What Is On My Mind

If this tutorial has been helpful I would appreciate you leaving me a comment, and this is how I know which articles are the most helpful to you. I am dedicated to providing you the best business tutorials that will help you succeed, so please let me know what you are interested in so I can help you.

32 thoughts on “Print On Demand Books

  1. Hi Jeff,
    This is very interesting! I’ve never thought about putting something like this on my WordPress site.
    Print on demand is a very popular thing these days, and I’ve looked at some of these sites in the past.
    Lately, I’ve been thinking about getting some books printed for my grandsons.
    I don’t have any buy buttons on my site as of yet, so I’ll have to look into that.
    Do you know if all these sites would take PayPal as a pay source?

    1. Hello, Suzanne
      I thank you for sharing your excitement from this tutorial,
      you can join Book Bolt that pays through PayPal but as for
      the others you would have to check them out and see I am
      not familiar with how they pay

      If you have a specific program in mind I would be more
      than happy to check it out for you

  2. A very informative article. I never knew such a thing existed. The fact you do not have to publish 1000’s of books and take the risk of selling them all to make money is an excellent idea. Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    This is certainly something I am gonna look into , it will be a nice addition to my business. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I had never heard the term “print on demand books” but it sounds very interesting! That is a great way to generate income without creating a bunch of things and being left with the excess products. As you explained, it takes out a lot of the extra work of tracking, printing and shipping.

    I am not familiar with most of the Print On Demand companies you shared, but that is great list. My husband has created things and sold them on Redbubble for a few years, which has brought in a nice passive income for us. I can attest to the potential ease of making money after you’ve created things and put it out there through these companies online!

    It is very helpful that many of the companies you described that offer a new online business strategy or service also allow a free trial period to let you get your feet wet and see if it’s a good fit.

    Thank you for sharing this information!

  5. Thanks for writing this article. Didn’t know this product existed, definitely will be using it in the future. It works basically like dropshipping right?
    I saw that you mentioned that it can print T-shirts and things too, does it work properly that way or is it more geared towards books?
    Also wondering if this works with shopify?

    1. Book Bolt is only for a print on demand book business, but the others
      offer different products you can print your own images on or text
      to sell and some have affiliate programs.

      You can use any of these on Shopify, and Printful is one of Shopify’s
      free suppliers if this interests you

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I am so glad I came across this article because I am in the middle of writing a book for my highly effective leader business. I am nearly finished and need to start think about covers, printing and marketing.

    The print on demand idea sounds amazing. I am definitely going to look into this when it comes the right time.

    Thanks for sharing. All the best,


  7. This is the first time I have heard of print on demand books. I have been thinking of creating an ebook and this will be a great feature to add for those who prefer the feel and smell of a real book, without printing numerous copies and sit on your inventory. I have a website and your suggestion of adding the Woo Commerce plugin is something I believe I can do with a little research on how to do it.

    1. I am happy this tutorial has motivated you with your eBook creation,
      if you do add the Woo Commerce store and need assistance I will help
      you at no cost to you

  8. I just became familiar with the print on-demand service Printful. I think its a fantastic idea, and one that I’d like to incorporate into my website as well. But I had no idea that so many of these companies existed, so there’s definitely a need that’s getting fulfilled. Thank you for showing many more options and outlining some of the advantages. What has been your experience/level of success with print on-demand?

    1. Hello, Dereck
      I have not used print on demand yet for my business, but I am leaning towards
      starting another business specializing in print on demand products and shared
      what I have learned so far with you and my other readers

  9. Print on Demand is kind of new for me. The only print on demand service that I was aware was the alternative of not having to go to local printing store in case you have a large volume to print for a cheaper service. I once searched for other services and I found a couple of them. Same is for copy service. But thank you for sharing this new business idea.

    1. Printing your own unique images and text on products can be great for promoting your business,
      and even better a great business opportunity to start a business in this type of niche


  10. Interesting…So the cost of the POD book is $9.99. Are there any other costs associated with print and delivery? As I was reading your blog I was thinking of writing a soft cover book specifically to homeowners thinking of selling, to use as a lead generation tool for my real estate business. How much would it cost me to order several for my own use?

    1. You receive everything you will need at the price of $9.99 with Book Bolt,
      and in my opinion, this is the best deal anyone can find for promoting their

      What happens is when you sell one of your books and your customer places the order
      Book Bolt automatically receives your book order, they will then print and send your
      order to the customer directly and whatever profit is left is what you will earn
      from their service.

      I suggest you contact Book Bolt for more information on how to set up your book service
      with them

  11. Interesting article! I didn’t know this type of service exists. Would you usually write you own book and sell it? Or you would buy rights to sell someone else’s books?

    1. This is for people who are writing their own books and need a way to publish their
      books and market them without investing a ton of money, so with a business writing
      books on your niche in ebook format or any other format can be done by using their
      services for the low price of $9.99


  12. Great idea! Print-on-demand books. I can totally see this taking off. It’s basically self publishing. No need for a book deal. Make your own deal instead. No inventory headaches, no storage headaches. This totally makes sense.

    1. This is a great option for people who are writers and business owners,
      you can write a book for your business and Book Bolt will support you
      step by step all the way without paying for publishing expenses and
      having to keep an inventory

  13. this is very thought provoking. I have been offering a a free e-book to my subscribers but think that it might be a good idea to offer this for a limited time and then sell it, before promoting the second one. What do you think?

    1. This is a very affordable program providing everything you need,
      and there are no contracts or having to figure out how much to charge
      since you pay a monthly fee

      I am impressed with this program,
      whenever I get started with ebooks I plan to give this
      a try first thing for $9.99 per month and everything included
      how can I lose

  14. Hi Jeff! Thank you for your sharing to increase my knowledge. This is my first time come across “Print On Demand”. I have heard of Tee Spring so now I know it is under Print On Demand Company. And I didn’t know there is so many such companies until I saw the list you provided.

    I have been marketing other companies products. Maybe I should look into selling my own products. Will look into it and need to explore more around. I’m not a writer so maybe selling my book is not for me. Will go through your list to check it out what other products are available.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you, Janet
      I appreciate you reading and commenting on my Print on Demand book business,
      I find this is a great opportunity for writers but not for everyone


  15. Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for this useful post as I have always been curious about how Print on Demand works. I knew the basic idea but you filled in the gaps. Now I believe that I have a more firm understanding of what I need to do if I ever wanted to create a book on demand.

  16. Thanks for the awesome information! I had no idea this existed but, as you mentioned, there are so many benefits to it! I’ll have to look into this even further!

    1. Thank you, Abby
      This is a unique niche for someone who is into writing
      or has access to ebooks to sell. I like how it allows
      you to find the best book niches, and saves you so much
      time providing everything you need in one place

  17. This is such a great tutorial, thank you! I’ve never thought much about this avenue of revenue so this was really interesting, and you made it seem easy as well to set up which was great. It’s definitely something I’d like to consider in future, and I will definitely think about the woo commerce plugin. I know everything’s gone a bit ebook crazy these days, but there are still so many of us in the world that love actual books! And it’s a really lovely personal way of getting your work out there too, without the worry of losing out due to the cost. It’s a win, win! Definitely food for thought! Thanks for the great read 🙂

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