Most Selling Products Amazon

Most Selling Products Amazon

What are the most selling products Amazon is what every blogger wants to know, so this article is going to be about the company that the majority of the bloggers start out promoting.

What You Need To Know

Before you run off and start your WordPress blog there are some things you need to be aware of, you will find Amazon is the most popular affiliate program online still today. The main reason is it is easy to be approved even with a brand new online business, but you need to know it also pays one of the lowest commissions. Another positive factor is no matter what your niche you will find products to promote, so these are things to consider before signing up.

most selling products amazon

What Are The Rules

You will really want to know the rules of being an Amazon Associate before signing up, and the reason is this affiliate program is one of the strictest of any that I know of. So what do you need to know before signing up, I have listed the rules below for you.

  • You must make it clear on your website you earn from any purchases made through your product links, and it is a good idea to add it does not increase your readers price.
  • Everything you share about the products must be completely true, so you can’t butter up the products if it is not true.
  • Prices should not be provided to your readers, and this is because prices change so dramatically almost overnight.
  • Promoting products offline, and in e-books is a no no. You also need to be aware you can’t share through email as well, so any of these things can get you automatcially shut down.
  • This one really is a biggie, you can’t shorten your links with link shortening tools like other affiliate links, you should also know you will be getting emails with changes constantly as it seems Amazon can’t make up its mind about their own rules.

Learn More

Even though I am not a big fan of this company I am an associate at least for right now, I just thought I would try this out to just see what being a part of this affiliate program is like. I have not done anything for promoting their products on this website, but I have shared a few links on social media a few times.

most selling products amazon
Free Registration Create Your Own Profile Never Any Fees

Free Training Community

Since this is a free training community I don’t insert affiliate links in my articles, so that is my main reason for not inserting any Amazon links on this website. Just in case you are not aware of this the search engines consider your affiliate links as spam, so they do affect your ranking. I recommend you use internal links instead of inserting affiliate links and know that banners slow your website down and also affect your ranking as well. So if you are going to use them, I suggest you use them in moderation.

Back To Amazon

Another thing about being an associate is you are on probation for several months, and if you lack getting the required sales you are no longer in the program. You can reapply and start fresh again, so really you need to have a good traffic source to make out with this program. The most successful bloggers tell me they work on traffic first before signing up with this program, so this is something to consider.

What Are Your Options

There are more options to earning from this company than many of you might be aware of, so I have listed some options below that you might want to consider.

  • Amazon FBA basically means fulfilled by Amazon, so what you do is ship your products to their warehouse. This can be a good option for a merchant with an online store, but for someone starting out this is not an option I recommend.
  • Amazon Associate is the safest and most logical choice starting a new business online, and also the most popular.
  • e-Book publishing is another option for someone who loves to write, but Amazon does take a pretty big chunk between 25-70 % of the listing.
  • Human Intelligence Task includes data entry, transcription, categorizing, image recognizing, and other tasks.
  • You can apply to Amazon’s homemade, but they charge way too much in my opinion, and I recommend you go to Etsy instead.
  • Amazon Merch you can sell your designs to other merchants, and the most popular are t-shirt designs.

I just thought I would share these options with you in case anyone might be interested, so let us go on to the next paragraph now.

most selling products amazon
I Am Alost Giving This Software Away

Time For Us To Research

I receive the question many times from my readers about what products would be their best choices to sell from Amazon, and you will not find this answer simply by Googlng the question. The reason for this the answer can change from one minute to the next, so you must learn how to research constantly to know what people are intersted in.

Amazon Best Sellers

Many people think by just checking their best sellers is going to get them sales, but actually it is much more complext than that. I have often wondered if the stores best sellers are products they are pusing to sell, or are they really their customers favorites?

Analytic tools are a much better strategy, and yes reseaerch takes time but that is what makes some of us more succesful than others, so here are some tools I use regularly for my new store Family Shopping Deals to find what people are intersted in.

You will find these tools are recommended to me by my successful blogger friends who are earning an income from Amazon, so these tools come highly recommended from very good sources.

Sucessful Compeititors Research

Another research stategy I use myself is to research my competitors in my niche to see what they are up too, and this is not dishonest but just learning from the authorities in your niche.

  • Type in your competitors domains into AHREF’s
  • Click the outgoing links
  • Check how many links they are sending to Amazon
  • The anchor text will telll you the products

Most Selling Products Amazon

So here are some tips and tricks to find out what Amazon’s best selling products are, but you must understand this is something you must make a part of your routine regularly to keep up with what people are intersted in the most at any given time.

26 thoughts on “Most Selling Products Amazon

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Great article. I think so many people will search for this post trying to find the answers x, y and z.
    But the truth is, you have to have a little bit more drive and willingness to do the work to succeed in affiliate marketing.
    You need to keep up to date with recent trends that people search for.
    I like to use Google Alerts, they send me regular emails with search results involving keywords related to my niche. This helps me keep up-to-date with the latest research and news.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve been an Amazon associate for a while now and starting to make regular monthly commissions, however, as you pointed out, payment is very low. I’ll certainly take a look at Amazon Merche, as I design t shirts and mugs. It’s good that you pointed out Amazon’s strict rules as newbies may not be aware. I lost my first account as I didn’t reach the required sales target, but so far, my present one is doing well. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hello, Kathy
      I thank you for reading and commenting on my article, I am very happy you didn’t give up and reapplied with Amazon. I am sure if you had build traffic first before applying the first time your experience would have been more successful, I wish you the best and thank you.


  3. Thank you Jeff for this nice article .Thank you for sharing these Amazon tips and rules with me ,i will make some changes on my website,this is very helpful ,really

  4. Wow Jeff. Another valuable content you have put together. I had no clue, that you are not allowed to shorten your links with Amazon, great to know. Thank you also for the tools on how to check the most sold products, that is another super helpful tool. I really love your website, dedicated to helping others. Please continue with your work, so the online world will be still great place to be. Cheers.

    1. Hello, Julius

      I am happy I shared some information on Amazon that was new to you, you must be careful with Amazon they will ban you for not following their rules


  5. Being someone who likes to keep up to speed on ‘what is Amazon doing now’ because there is always something :), your post provides very simple yet highly important information. Yes, I agree the best sellers is not a ‘be all’ solution, and you have to do more research. In addition to the research tools, you listed (they are really great tools, by the way, thank you) I also use Google Trends and Ubersuggest. Thank you for a very detailed and easy to read post. 🙂 Ola

    1. Hello, Ola

      I thank you for reading and sharing your own experience keeping up with Amazon, you do need to do your homework regularly to receive the most sales


  6. Jeff, thank you for this post. I’ve not been very successful affiliate marketing for Amazon and was already kicked out once (I just signed back up and changed all the links in my articles). I’m going to definitely try some of the tips you have here to try to build things up.

    Thanks, Jeff! As always, great ideas and tips!

    1. Hello, Cynthia

      You are not alone I have never had much luck with Amazon as well, I just signed up recently to give it another I am researching how to promote Amazon with better results.


  7. Never thought that you could use Ahrefs to figure out Amazon best sellers. Thought it was only for SEO stuff. Will check it out for my a Amazon niche sites soon.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for a very comprehensive guide for Amazon products and earning possibilities. I am an Amazon Affiliate also and have to say I am very disappointed that lowered their already low commissions last April. I really hope they would raise them again…

    The great thing about Amazon is that when someone goes there through your affiliate link, it converts very well. So even if the commission is low, you will at least make a lot of sales.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello, Jonas

      I find I do pretty well with Amazon during the holiday season, but the rest of the year I don’t receive regular sales. So I am going to try these tools I found while researching for this article, and see if they work, as well as people, have told me who do very well promoting Amazon


  9. I am glad i got to this blog with all this tips about amazon.
    Just one question you recommend to use internal links instead of inserting affiliate links whats the difference between them?
    Go ahead with your great work.

    1. Hello Yosef

      Internal links are pages on your website such as your menu or an online store, you can create pages and products reviews for your menu to inset into your articles instead of the affiliate links. Search engines will rank your posts higher with internal and external links instead of affiliate links. You also can promote more than one product with one link by creating pages on your menu with all your best products, you see product review blog posts don’t rank high because of having so many affiliate links, but by doing it this way the search engines don’t realize you are promoting affiliate links only internal links from your website

      Need more assistance contact me

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I was very interested in reading this article, since I am an affiliate with Amazon, and honestly, they confuse the heck out of me with their constant emails and changes. Some things are not that clear on their affiliate main page either after I sign in. I need to take a day to really go through all their info.
    The commissions with Amazon are low, and for being so strict and demanding and putting new affiliates on probation I think they could loosen up a little and give more attractive commissions. There are other affiliate programs that pay much higher commissions and who are nicer to their affiliates, don’t you think?

    1. Hello, Christine
      The billionaire owner of Amazon is not a nice person, he treats his employees just as rotten as his affiliates. There are
      many better paying affiliate programs to join, but many new bloggers are not able to be accepted until they have traffic.
      So this is why Amazon can treat their affiliates like they do, and it is almost impossible to keep up with their consstant

  11. Hi Jeff,

    This is a great informative post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Amazon.

    The more I read about it, the more I have the feeling there is still so much to learn about selling products. It keeps us going, right? 😉

    Wish you all the best,


    1. Hello, Catherine

      Amazon is a complicated affiliate program without a doubt, and if they would make up their minds how they are going to operate their program it would make it easier on everyone


  12. Hi Jeff,

    What another insightful post you have shared! I didn’t know there was such tools that could tell us the most selling products on Amazon. I suppose I never thought to utilise Ahrefs in this way before, but it’s an ingenious tip! It can be hard to source the best products on Amazon sometimes, unless they’re marked as the best-seller or an Amazon Choice product.

    1. Hello, Sharon
      I am happy you found these tools interesting and useful, you see we never know for sure if Amazon’s Best Sellers are just products Amazon is pushing their affiliates to sell or actually what their customers are buying the most.


  13. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am a newbie in Affiliate marketing. I got some valuable tip. I found AHREFs interesting. However, I am kind of confuse to how take benefit of different tools in the perfect way. Currently, I am using Google Analytic and Jaaxy. I need to do more research to be more organize through my way. Regards!!

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