How To Get Started In Video Marketing

How To Get Started In Video Marketing

What is video marketing about all comes down to using this strategy to promote your products and services, but another benefit has been found they encourage engagement from your website visitors as well. Studies have shown they have been a big success for social media marketing, and the reason for this is the majority of people prefer watching videos over reading articles. The longer you can keep your potential customers on your blog or website the greater the chances are they will purchase from you, so what other reasons should you consider adding this strategy to your business?

Video Marketing Strategy

Like any strategy, you have to come up with a good plan, and like many, you will have to experiment with which ones work the best for your business and niche. How to get started in video marketing takes some careful research and planning,

  • You will first need to download video editing software that will provide you the best videos for your marketing strategy.
  • People love stories, so focusing on developing good storyteller skills is an important skill you need for the most success.
  • How can you engage your website visitors by using this marketing strategy?
  • Even though as far as I know there is not a recommended length to follow, but most people have a short-attention-span, so keeping your videos shorter is your best strategy.
  • Embedding them on your website, and on your social media business pages are good places to begin. If you happen to have an online store this is another awesome place to offer your videos, you can also add them to your website menus as free resources.
  • Just like your blog posts, you will want to be promoting these in all the places for as many people to see as possible.
  • Uploading them to your YouTube channel if you have one is another place to be sharing your videos, and I do recommend you start your own Youtube channel with this marketing strategy.

Create Engaging Ads

You will want to learn how to create video ads as a way to earn extra revenue, and you do this very easily by using the company So let’s take a look at what has to offer when it comes to adding ads in your videos?

  • You can create ads in minutes
  • Easy to use templates
  • No experience needed
  • You can even get started for free
How To Get Started In Video Marketing

How To Get Started

The most difficult part for most people is getting started, so many of us are intimidated when it comes to how to make a video for online. When you are ready here is a video to give you some ideas.

How To Get Started In Video Marketing

Best Video Types

Now you might be thinking what is the best video type for marketing, you will find some types perform better than others depending on your business niche, but here are some types for you to consider.

  • Product Reviews
  • How-To Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Product Launch
  • Merchandise
  • Educational
  • Step-By-Step

Most Popular Videos YouTube

  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Product Reviews
  • Health & Fitness Tips
  • Traveling
  • Technology

Best Video Editing Software For Windows 10

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 16
  • Movie Edit Pro Plus
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2018

Facebook Marketing

Even though Facebook is the most popular social media marketing website, I experience much better results on Twitter for sales than Facebook. Those of you who are big fans more likely will want to know how to make a video for Facebook, so here is a tutorial provided by Wave. Video where you can learn how with their step-by-step instructions.

how to get started in video marketing
how to get started in video marketing

New Business Owners

I have not forgotten about the new business owners who might not be able to afford the paid video editing software in this article, so for you, I have the best video editor free download.

  • Alternative to Windows Movie Maker & iMovie
  • Simple Drag & Drop Interface
  • Powerful Editing Tool
  • 800+ Stunning Effects
  • Windows 10, 8, & 7
  • Mac
  • Text & Titles
  • Music Library
  • Overlays & Filters
  • Transitions & Elements
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Photo

What Is On My Mind

This business tutorial should give you a good idea of how to get started in video marketing, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me for assistance. I appreciate everyone who read and commented on the article What is Podbean from last week.

33 thoughts on “How To Get Started In Video Marketing

  1. Hi Jeff, I hope this finds you well. I have been considering getting into video marketing. However, I am completely new to this. I have never done video editing before. I want to purchase a product that is user friendly and affordable. I have a mac too. Which program would you recommend? I have a Macbook Pro too and always struggled installing Adobe. Thank you!

    1. Video marketing is kind of scary for all us when first starting out,
      I have not started video marketing myself being I am camera shy

      All these programs are available for Mac, but you should check them
      out yourself which ones would be the easiest for you to learn and use

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas on video marketing. I’m running a YouTube channel and most of my content are product reviews. But I might put out some tips and guides as well. Anyway, thanks for expanding my horizons. Video marketing is a great opportunity!

    1. I thank you, Ivan
      I am happy to hear you are using a YouTube channel to do product reviews,
      I have not got into video marketing myself yet but it will only be time

  3. Hi Jeff

    Thank you for sharing this great resource. I am looking forward to getting into creating YouTube videos myself, so this has definitely helped me pick a direction.
    Thanking you again.


  4. This was so helpful to me! I am going to try out, that looks really awesome. I make YouTube videos for my farm and definitely learned from this to make my videos even better.

    Thank you!

    1. I am happy you found Promo something you are interested in using,
      and it makes it worth my time writing these tutorials when I know
      I am helping readers like you


  5. Thank you, Jeff! This is so helpful that I already bookmarked it so I don’t lose those links!

    I’m not to the point of making videos yet, but I wanted to get some basic information and you have given me some solid direction here . I’m going to look into these programs so that when I am closer to that point, I will already have some background on how to get started 🙂

  6. Thanks, great article and video.
    I’m just starting online, and I’m understanding that I ned to implement videos on my website. Could you suggest to me a good camera for doing videos on a budget, more or less a 1000 Euro/Dollars.
    Thanks I really appreciated your help.
    Wish you the best.

    1. I am happy this tutorial was an interest to you,
      since I was a professional photographer in the past
      I am partial to the Canon brand. With the digital cameras
      today, you can get great results with purchasing the best
      a camera you can afford but you don’t need to invest a ton
      of money just go with a good name brand


  7. Glad i read this! I’ve seen (and even bought from) short video advertisements on Facebook. It’s not something I’ve considered using in my own business, because my thoughts have been that it would be just too complicated to learn. The information I’ve read here is encouraging to me. So, I’ve just taken advantage of the free download. We’ll see how that goes, and then ??? Thank you much for the information!

  8. I’ve been thinking about adding some video content to my website but I had no idea where to start. You have a lot of good resources here for getting started so that’s awesome! I really like the idea of that one really stuck out to me. I definitely need to do some more planning before I start my video marketing but, are there and cameras you recommend for recording?

    1. I recommend you go with a good digital camera brand such
      as Canon or Nikon, but being a professional photographer
      in the past maybe I am just partial


  9. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this informative article on how to get started in video marketing. Indeed, the popularity of video marketing has grown significantly.

    Fully agree that, just like any marketing strategy and tool, success in video marketing requires a good plan and that experimenting which ones best fit your business will help focus your strategy and how you implement your video marketing strategy are critical prerequisites.

    Thank you for all the information and tips. All the best.

    1. Video marketing is growing every day, and one day I would
      not be surprised if all the business marketing is going to
      be using video and podcasts as their marketing strategy


  10. Hi Jeff, thank you for sharing this very interesting information, what a world of knowledge you got there. When my online business is developed a bit further this article will come in very handy to get me started to try out videos advertising.
    Cheers Jude

  11. I like how you give lists for not just what types of videos people are watching, but what to use to edit them. It’s also beneficial to many (including myself who doesn’t like paying for editing software unless I know I’ll be able to put it to good use) that you’ve included free options. A lot of websites don’t do that. Very informative article, Jeff.

    1. Thank You, Erika
      I put much pride in my tutorials to be providing you the best information
      for your business with no affiliate links in my tutorials only free


  12. Excellent article. I know this is an important part of marketing but have not yet delved into it. Prior to reading this article I would have had no clue how to even get started. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I haven’t gone down that track. I’m going to bookmark this page and use it as a guide when I start to do it. Much more confident moving forward with video marketing now. Thankyou

    1. I wrote this tutorial for readers such as you who
      are hesitant in getting into video marketing, we all
      lack the confidence without a good guide and understanding
      how to get started with a new marketing strategy


  13. Great post. I was thinking along these lines to try and sale products using video marketing. I even made a trailer for my You Tube channel using free software on the internet.
    This is one area which I want to learn more about once I get a successful website going.
    As my website is basically just a pet and animal info website I am able to get a lot of copyright free documentary videosfrom You Tube.
    Thanks again. Adrian

    1. Hello, Adrian
      Using YouTube videos is a good strategy for your business,
      and one day if you ever want to create your own videos
      tutorials like this one I hope is helpful


  14. Thank you for this article of video editing article. I have been doing a lot of YouTube for my Channel and you have taught me that I should focus on “How to Video”

    I will also be doing a lot of products reviews and cooking, Thanx

      1. Thank you–Jeff–for this excellent business tutorial on how to start video marketing.

        I have stayed away from videos because I just wasn’t getting it. You have stilled my fears with your eloquent step by step approach.

        I signed up for Promo to do a trial video and I have to create YouTube channel to upload videos.

        May I call on you for pointers, if necessary?

        Thank you.

        Maxine 🙂

        1. Hello, Maxine
          I will be happy to help you if you experience any problems
          using Promo, and I am happy you are taking that first step
          to start video marketing and a YouTube channel

  15. I oved how you explained in detail what to expect with video marketing .As an alternative to article marketing video is a little easier than writing a article from scratch in my opinion . But you made a point of using both social media and article or blogging works fine as well. Thanks for the share it opened my eyes to some tips which I might try to implement as part of my online strategy .

    Thanks and good luck !

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