How To Get More Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram is another strategy to increase your traffic to your business website, since mobile marketing has been used businesses are experiencing even more exposure to more people than ever before.

Mobile Marketing Platforms

These platforms with automation are becoming very popular and priceless tools for many businesses, and this is becoming the preferred advertising method for the majority of businesses in 2020. When you choose the best platforms your advertising and marketing can be more efficient and effective, so what are your best choices is what I am going to share with you next.

  • Sharp Spring
  • Active Trail
  • Textedly
  • PushEngage
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud

Even though there are many more platforms these are the top five I recommend you check out first, and business automation software and tools are the most valuable assets according to many small business owners.

Sharp Spring

  • More Leads
  • Increased Sales
  • Affordable
  • Pay Monthly
  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Support Free
  • Users Unlimited
  • Hundreds of Apps
  • Top-Rated Marketing Tool

This is the number one pick of the majority of small business owners, and if you are interested you can get a free live demo by signing up and scheduling a time.

Marketplace For Freelancers

Active Trail

  • Marketing Automation
  • Ecommerce
  • Landing Pages Creator
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Online Surveys
  • Award Winner Marketing Automation Software
  • Watch Video

You can test this software out by signing up for their free 30-day trial, so this is another Instagram marketing software choice for your online business.


  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Easy Bulk Business Text Messaging
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Text Messages
  • Photo Messages
  • Stay In Touch With Your Customers Easy
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Flexible
  • No Software To Download

Starting your free 14-Day trial is so easy for you to do, you just text Join to 33222 and you are good to go.


  • Personal Push Notifications
  • Web & Mobile
  • Over 10,000 Business Trust PushEngage
  • Track Your Revenue
  • Price Drop Notifications
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Triggered Notifications
  • Sign Up Free

You can sign up to schedule a demo to see it in action, I recommend you take advantage of these free demos before signing up when they are available.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Content Management
  • Campaigns
  • Personalize
  • Marketo Engage
  • Manage
  • Optimize
  • Business 2 Business
  • Business 2 Customer

If you want to get started to see what Adobe Marketing Cloud can do for your business, you can fill out their form so they can start to help you.

Instagram Tips & Tricks

  • Add your business as a hashtag in your Instagram business account such as and also mention your business
  • You need to be more creative with your hashtags with more than one word which will reach more people.
  • Get involved in more conversations by using unrelated words and phrases such as #goodmorning and #cool or #friendly.
  • Link to a variety of your website pages not only your homepage and some good pages are resources and tips.
  • Remember to share old articles from time to time since everyone has not read them in the past.
  • Captions that entice people to click on your posts are just as important as the images you use.
  • Always have your notifications turned on to stay in touch with people the most interested in your page and posts
  • Approve all photo tags before allowed to be published by setting them on manual.
  • Avoid following the crowd, you need to be unique to stand out from your competition.
  • Designing your own images on design sites such as Canva is one of my best strategies to be noticed and followed by more people.
  • Don’t forget your local area since many times people who live in your area will follow you simply because you are local.
  • Come up with a clever enticing call to action word to encourage people to click on your posts and follow you.

I recommend you follow these guidelines to learn how to use Instagram for a business, I have been using these on all my social media business pages with positive results for years.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

What Is Mobile Marketing About

This type of marketing has changed how your business can reach so many more people today with smartphones, and even many senior citizens are using smartphones to interact online especially social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • 80% of the people are using mobile devices online
  • 60% of digital time in the United States are with mobile devices
  • Smartphones and tablets are the most popular devices used by teenagers.
  • Mobile-friendly websites are a must to be successful in business today.
  • Mobile marketing trends and stats 2020

Recommended Online Courses

  • Instagram Sucess: Step By Step To Your First 1000 Followers
  • Instagram Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing On Instagram
  • Instagram Followers & Instagram Marketing
  • How To Sell On Instagram

If you are interested in learning the skills you need for mobile marketing you might want to check all the online courses available for Instagram. You will find a variety of courses to choose from to fit every budget, and out of 2418 to choose from I am sure you will be able to find some that interest you.

What Is Instagram For Business

This is your guide on how to use Instagram for business, so if you are new to mobile marketing this guide will benefit you. Even if you have been using mobile marketing for a while, you just might learn something new.

  • 60% of people say they have found new products and services
  • Over 200 million people visit at least one business page per day
  • 80% of people share they watch videos
  • 1/3 of the most viewed stores are visited

How To Set Up An Account

  • Download the app for IOS from the App Store
  • Android users from Google Play
  • Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store
  • After the app is installed tap to open
  • Tap Signup
  • Type in your email address and tap next
  • You also can tap login with Facebook instead
  • Set up your free business account
  • Go To settings
  • Switch your account to a business account
  • Create your business profile
  • Start posting your content
  • Follow other business pages

Business Account Benefits

  • Keep track of your post-performance
  • See how your followers are interacting
  • Add business information
  • Contact Information
  • Facebook Instagram Setup
Instagram Marketing For Business 90% Discount

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

You now are ready to use all the tips and tricks from this article to get the most from your Instagram business account, there is so much more I would love to share with you, but that will have to be in more tutorials in the future.

24 thoughts on “How To Get More Followers On Instagram

  1. Thanks a milion times for this article. I’m gonna create a business instagram profile soon so I really like that I found my way to your post. So much to dig into that it’s almost overwhelming. But only almost. With the mentality that I can’t learn everything in a day or week or month I’m sure the long term results will be amazing.

    Keep writing these articles and you’ll make it grand!

    – Jonas

  2. Really nice post. Just opened an account on instagram but I a bit stuck with it but hopefully this post will help me to start building followers. Thank you

  3. This really helped me a lot. I have an online business, but I still don’t have an Instagram account for this business. This is mostly because I do not know how to properly manage my business on Instagram. I am not experienced in this field but your article really pointed out some things that are important to me.

    I think after reading this, I am ready to dive in a professional instagram account.

    I appreciate the provided information.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this interesting post with all the valuable information on mobile marketing platforms and zeroing into Instagram and how it can be leveraged for business. So my understanding from your post is that Instagram will have to be set-up though mobile phones. Is this understanding correct? Is there an option to set it up through desktop initially, albeit future use will be through mobile?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the great direction! My Instagram account has been severely neglected. It’s nice to get some reccomendations on different marketing platforms, there are so many out there it is hard to know which one’s are worth your time. Appreciate your post!

  6. Hi Jeff,

    This is a comprehensive post, I do not have Instagram account and was looking for guidance on the same. I am going to check out the online courses which you mentioned, I think that will be a good starting point. Thanks for sharing this info…

  7. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for all you advice, great tips like always.
    When I post on Instagram I always use the same #, do you think is a good strategy, or do you think is better to put # that are more related to the photo?
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Hi Jeff. Excellent update and very timely. I have a couple of Instagram accounts going nowhere. I also lose sight of how much impact mobiles are having about how we do business. The tips and tricks is where I will start.
    Again Jeff the amount of information provided requires more than one read.Your link is in my library.
    Many, many thanks.

  9. Wow, so much great information in one place. You saved me a lot of time from having to search, try and apply before learning and then try something different. I love when someone puts so much effort into helping others, it’s not something you see too often these days. I do have an Instagram account that I set up a few years back but I don’t use it because I didn’t think it was going to make that much difference but after reading your article I want to give it another go. Thank you so for sharing Jeff and I am looking forward to seen more future posts from you.

  10. Hi Jeff! I actually created an Instagram account for my blog, but ended up deleting it again because it felt awkward and I had no clear idea of what I wanted to achieve with it. I’ve never been on Instagram before so that was another thing that made it more chaotic and strange.

    This post gave me some good ideas of how I would want to move forward with it when and if I get back on Instagram. Especially the Instagram Tips and Tricks. I think I just lacked a vision and rushed it.

    Thank you.

  11. Very informative article. I found Social Media hard to use for my businesses initially. I knew it was the way of things but a lack of Know How leaves you standing still. UNLESS… you determine to get the knowledge. I learned the Hard way which took wwaaaaay longer than I thought (and is still a work in progress), so what your training offers is a faster track. Thank you, Jeff.

    1. Thank you,

      I am finding traffic sources is the biggest obstacle for most
      of my readers who are starting a business, so this is what I
      am focusing on providing the most at Wealthy Affiliate in my


  12. Hi Jeff,

    What a thorough article – well done! Instagram is really the way of the future when it comes to promoting and getting your name out there. I had never thought of sharing old content. Sometimes when you don’t have time to create a new post, this would prove particularly useful.

    Looking forward to your next article.


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