Free Online Training Courses

Free Online Training Courses

I struggled for years until I received free online training courses to gain the skills for Mentoring with Jeff, so now I wish to assist you by sharing how you can also use this strategy to learn by using these resources as well. You can get the basic knowledge to get started on the right track with these courses, and plus you always can take advantage of my Mentoring for Free services.

How To Use Mentoring With Jeff

I am constantly improving Mentoring with Jeff to provide you more opportunities to learn and to succeed, I just this week started working on a community. This is your community with groups in the future, and I plan to keep growing your community as long as I receive interested active members. So how else can you benefit from my other services, I have listed some below.

As a Free Forever Member of your community, you have access to contact me privately, so now I am even more available since any messages I will receive quicker delivered straight to my email. You can even find all my social media page links on my community profile, but beware anyone thinking SPAM will be tolerated will be banned right away.

free online training courses
Free Registration Create Your Own Profile Never Any Fees


I had to take off my contact page because I was receiving too many spam messages, and I am working so hard to provide mentoring for free to you and I am not going to put up with any spam or people who register that it is clear they are not serious about being a member of this community. I am very serious about assisting as many of you as possible, but there are some people who are trying to ruin it for you. I will be banning members who join just to spam or be a problem, so don’t waste your time signing up if you are not wishing to be a part of our family.

Recommended Websites I Have Used

The websites I am going to mention to you are the ones I have used myself, so I recommend you check them out first for whatever skills you are in need of learning for your business.

Now I can almost bet most of you are really surprised you have so many choices to choose from, and if you do some searching you can find more I am sure depending on what skills you are looking to learn.

free online training courses
Now You Have A Good List Of Websites To Start Shopping For Online Courses

What Skills Do You Need

You now know where to find online courses for free, so how does one begin choosing the skills they need to start their online business. Some of you might already have a website with products and services to promote, and so what you will need to learn will be different than someone new to the business.

Online Business Can I Start

The very first thing I suggest before you do anything esle is to decide what type of online business you wish to invest your time into, and this will be a great asset to figuring out what online course to take first.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping

Affiliate marketing and a dropshipping online store are the two best businesses to consider for a low investment, but both of these you are going to need some basic training. You will need a website or a webstore, so this will be our first major decision. Next once you decide which one you want to pursue, you should take a course on basic website design or basic online store design.

How To Earn More Income

Next for those of you already with a website or online store what course should you consider, so the majority of people in this situation is in need of learning how to get more traffic or earn more income.

  • How To Get More Website Traffic
  • How To Earn More Income

As for you both of these problems will best be solved by considering some marketing strategy courses, so now you also have a place to begin to ge the skills you need.

free online training courses
Now Both Groups Knows Where To Shop And What Skills They Need

Recommended Website Design Courses

I have done a little of your homework for you, and if you go to Udemy you will find an amazing 798 free website design courses to choose from. Below are just a handful of the courses on the first page, but this will give you an idea of what you can expect.

  • Create a WordPress Website
  • Create Your Own Website in 12 Hours
  • How To Make A Website For Business
  • WordPress Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Free Website Builder

I recommend you seriously consider WordPress for your business, and you will want to choose the instead of the So now it is up to you to decide where to begin your business education, and you have no excuses with so many free courses to choose from.

Free Online Training Courses

The majority of people don’t realize there are so many free educational resources online, so I thought this would benefit those of you who lack the basic skills to get starting a business online. Remember Mentoring with Jeff you now also have a free training community coming very soon, you are able to register to become a member right now. So if this interests you feel free to sign up and start working on your profile, but only do this is you truly are interested in being a part of our family.

27 thoughts on “Free Online Training Courses

  1. Hi Jeff. You have created a great platform to help people who want to go into online business by providing free training and mentoring! especially during this chaotic time. I’m really pity those new learners who are being con or cheated for paying a fee and don’t learn anything.

    From one of your training, you have given me idea that I not only can promote other companies products, I can also created and promoted my own products! I have been working on my own products now. Thanks to you!..:-)

  2. Hi Jeff,

    This is very interesting. It is amazing how many free learning resources are available online. I have read your article about Udemy and it looks like a great learning platform.
    I understand about removing your contact form. I also had a contact form on one of my websites and I ended up removing it, because I received so much spam over a long period of time that I thought that the best solution would be to just get rid of my contact form.
    Why is it better to get a website with WordPress . org? Is there a specific reason?

  3. As a qualified educator, with a degree, many years of field experience who then decided she was in the wrong field, I can say that I agree with you Jeff. There are many floors in this system. Many people dedicate a percentage of their lives to something which they may not continue with in the future.

    The great thing about building an online business is that many of the skills are transferable. Whether you want to write a blog, do dropshipping, affiliate marketing.

    Plus a lot of the training and work can be done from home and this is far better for the environment.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great info here especially the list of websites you have used. I could really use that list to help me make website improvements. Thanks for this valuable info!!!

  5. Oh wow, there is indeed way more choice than I knew of. I only know Udemy so far 🙂
    It’s always such a nice surprise to bump into websites like yours with lots of valuable information. Thank you so much for the trouble you went through to list everything we need to give ourselves the best start!
    Isn’t it a pity every great invention (in this case the internet) comes with people trying to turn it into a scam (in this case spammers). But I fully understand you remove your contact page – it’s your house, hence your rules. 😀
    Take care.

  6. Jeff,

    I, for one, feel that your site and your Facepage are a great value. No where can I get more free access to free training tools, lessons and resources. Thank you for being there for all of us and helping us to be more successful!

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I like the suggestions you provide ways to learn money online. I do affiliate marketing myself. It has taken some time to get the ball rolling, but anything worth doing takes patience and hard work. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scene but this is how I knew that it wasn’t a scam like all the other make money online schemes that don’t work.

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. A great list Jeff.

    I knew a few websites like Udemy and Google. But the rest of the websites are unknown to me, Have you tried all those websites yourself?

    Can you suggest a few websites, where I can learn more about Youtube Marketing and content creation.

  9. Hi there,

    Great post, it’s not often you get all the information you need from one article, you usually have to scavenge around to find free online training courses or suffer through trials etc. I’ve used Khan Academy to learn a few bits, but must give the links you provided above a go too.

    Looking forward to seeing what you write next.


    1. Hello, Isabella
      I thank you for your kind words on this article, and I am happy to share how my readers like you can get access to free online training.


  10. Hi! This is a great article with information on how to learn for free!
    What an incredible idea you had here. Thank you, Jeff.
    I was really amazed when I saw all those free online courses for everything we may need.
    Good luck and keep blogging!

  11. Thanks for the great information. I appreciate how you go over such a broad range of information that we can use. I will be using your site from now on for my research information.

    1. Hello, John
      I am happy you found my article and free training community helpful,
      and it is a work in progress at this time so it will become better n better with time.


  12. Hi Jeffy,

    Thank you for sharing with us the list of free online training courses. And l would like to add these two websites that provide valuable courses on various digital marketing courses:

    1. SEMrush Academy
    2. HubSpot Academy

    All of their courses are free. After you completed the course and passed the exam, you will award a badge and a certification.

    I wish you all the success.


  13. You’re right Jeff. Many people don’t realise just how much valuable information is at their fingertips, it just takes a bit of digging – or in this case, some pointing in the right direction from you 🙂 I’ll definitely be checking out the Udemy courses – I always thought they were all paid for courses, but knowing there are some free resources too, bargain!

    1. Hello, Gareth

      I am happy you learned about Udemy providing free courses, you now can take advantage of their freebies to learn the skills you need


  14. Hi Jeff, thank you for this post and the information you shared is really helpful for people who want to start their own businesses! Sometimes people are too lazy to do the research themselves and end up buying courses that are too expensive and incomplete, not knowing that a lot of information and training is provided online for free! So thank you, this post definitely benefits many people!


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