Free Landing Page Creator

Free Landing Page Creator

Free Landing Page Creator

The majority of people avoid creating landing pages because it scares them, and some of the others avoid them because they think they must pay to have them. You are your best free landing page creator if you own a WordPress blog or website, and there is no need to learn any website design skills or coding.

Why Should You Need One

Many people have no idea even why they would need to create these pages, so here are just some of the marketing campaigns that these pages can be used for.

  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Free Email Book Promotion
  • VIP Sign Ups
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Guides
  • Free Online Courses
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Products
  • Services
  • Tutorials
  • Checklists
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Sales
  • Specials
  • Holidays

It is estimated the most successful business strategy is to use these pages to promote your marketing campaigns, and an estimated 50 % of big-name businesses use these effectively for traffic and sales

Business Training Tutorials For Beginners

WordPress Alternatives

Before we get into my business tutorial with WordPress I want to share the best landing page templates with you, and these are recommended by the professional blogger Neil Patel. So instead of me going into detail, you can use the link to read all about them in Neil Patel’s blog post.

  1. Unbounce
  2. Instapage
  3. Lead Pages
  4. Launchrock
  5. Hello Bar
  6. 5 Second Test
  7. User Testing
  8. Olark
  9. Crazy Egg
  10. Optimizely
  11. Visual Website Optimizer
  12. Browser Shots
Neil Patel Video Tutorial

For anyone who is interested in checking these out I recommend you use the link about to read Neil Patel’s detailed blog post. Before we get to today’s tutorial on free WordPress landing page, I really want to share with you more about these pages.

Before We Get Started

What you are interested in is to get your visitors to sign up as subscribers, so there are some things you need to keep in mind before we start your first page.

  • Avoid any outbound links
  • Add call to action buttons
  • Embed videos
  • Eye-Catching Design

Time To Get The Ball Rolling

The first thing you will want to do once you login to your dashboard is to scroll down to plugins, and you are going to be adding a new plugin that will be your free landing page creator. In your add new plugin search box type in Elementor, and you will click on install and once installed click on activate.

Now You Are Ready For Business

I will not guide you step-by-step to create your free page with the Elementor plugin, so here is your first step.

  1. Start By Creating A New Page

You can choose either the default editor or use the plugin by clicking on the blue button that says Edit With Elementor, but before clicking on the blue button select Elementor Canvas as the default template. This should provide you with a blank page, you will see the menus and links are no longer on your page and this is how you want your template to appear.

2. Edit With Elementor

If you have not done so, you will want to click on the blue button before starting step 2, you now have the option to use one of the templates provided or build your page from scratch. The templates are your easiest choice, so I am going to guide you on creating your page from scratch.

Elementor Templates

3. The Page Design

You will choose your page design structure to get started in this step, I recommend a two-column for your first landing page. Next, you will need to choose your style setting so you can add your background. The choices are an image, a gradient background, or a video to use as the background.

Once you have your background option chosen you will need to go to the advanced section, and here you will set your padding and margins to fit your page properly.

Advanced Settings Section

You will now add the description in one column by dragging and dropping the heading and text editor onto your page design, you also have the option to add images and videos as well.

You have just added your heading and text editor in this step

4. Subscription Form

You will need to login to your email marketing service, and select your email list and create an embed signup form. After you customize your form the way you want it you just copy the code, you are now ready to embed your signup form code.

5. How To Embed A Signup Form Code

You will drag and drop the HTML element found in Elementor into the empty column, and then just past your code to embed the signup form onto your page.

Your Landing page Will Look Similar To This

Remove the color code so your form will appear transparent, and now your page is ready to be shown to the world.

6. Publishing Your Landing Page

When you are happy with your page you just hit the publish button, I recommend you save this template for your next landing page. You might be thinking why go through this extra work when I can use pre-made templates, I just wanted you to know how to use this free landing page creator in case you ever want to create your own unique landing page from scratch.

WordPress Landing Page Plugins

For those of you are interested in what are the best WordPress plugins recommended for the coolest landing pages check these ones out.

  • Thrive, Architect
  • Optimize Press 3.0
  • Leadpages
  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor Pro
  • Divi Builder

What Is On My Mind Today

I know many new website owners are hesitant about adding plugins on their website, and I was the very same way when I started out. If you ever install a plugin that does not agree with your website theme, you can also deactivate the plugin or delete it completely. These plugins are so useful and valuable to your business, so if you only add one new plugin at a time you can tell if this plugin is going to cause your website problems.

If you are interested in shopping for high-paying affiliate programs I welcome you to visit my Affiliate Store, and I am adding all the time and plan to expand to tools for website owners and other resources in 2020.

10 thoughts on “Free Landing Page Creator

  1. Hi Jeff, I found your post useful. I hadn’t been thinking about landing pages yet for my website, but that’s probably something I’ll have to add pretty soon.

    1. Thank You, Mr. Barnett,

      Many people especially new to the business hesitate in using this strategy despite it is
      very effective to focus on just one of your products or services you are trying to promote
      or get sign-ups for newsletters and ebooks to build a mailing list

      I appreciate hearing from you today,

  2. This was really helpful Jeff, thank you! I have had a landing page for a while now through a paid service, but never really took much time to learn about it. I just made what I thought looked good but after reading this I realized I may have made a few mistakes. Time to go back to the drawing board. Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Dan,
      I am happy to hear my article on landing pages has given you some new
      ideas and tips for your next landing page you create. You can even
      make some changes to your present pages if that is possible

  3. Great info Jeff, Thanks for the post.

    A question about posting external links (or not posting them) as described in the Before You Get Started section. I’ve heard that external links in a post help with SEO rankings of your pages, any insight on main reasons for not posting externally?

    Very helpful landing page info that I had not been exposed to before.

    1. Thank You, Kerry

      I welcome you to my free business training, you really want to insert
      external links in your blog posts for higher ranking with search engines.
      See the more information and resources you provide your visitors with
      external links the higher search engines will rank your posts.

      I recommend more external links than any other links in your posts,
      but spread them out and don’t overuse them so it is obvious you
      are doing it to rank higher on search engines.

      I suggest 5-8 external links per post depending on the length of
      your article and the topic, and if you insert affiliate links or
      banners keep them between 3-5 links and use internal links to
      navigate visitors to other posts on your website and pages.

      If you need any assistance feel free to contact me through
      my contact form on my menus


  4. I am so glad I came across your site I have been looking for info on how to create my landing page. Thank you so much and I will also look at the classifieds site. I am still new to wordpress and all so this will help me alot. Thank you

    1. Thank You, Agnlewolf
      Funny you look much more like an angel than a wolf,
      I recommend you post as many ads on my free classifieds
      as you wish.

      What I suggest is every time you publish a blog post
      come on my website and post it for free in my classifieds

      You might want to bookmark my website for easy access


  5. Hello Jeff and great info on landing pages dude. It is a bit of a coincidence because i was just on youtube getting my landing page set up. I kept hearing about it but finally decided to do it. Are you a person that uses landing pages as well? Thank you for the helpful tips. I will be back to reference this page in the future when I need more info on digital marketing. Thank you brother.

    1. Thank You, Travis
      I wrote this article for the reason I am considering creating my own landing pages in the future,
      so I figured while I was researching for myself I might as well share this with my readers like

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