Computer All Software Free Download

Computer All Software Free Download

Computer all software free download is another important tool when you are in this business, you will find your most valuable two tools for your website are WordPress plugins and computer software. So this article is going to be focusing on these two tools to help you understand better how to use them to get the most from them for your business site. Read on, and learn about these two important tools.

WordPress Plugins

I want to make this as simple as possible without all the technical vocabulary many other articles use, and the reason why is the majority of my readers are everyday people just learning how to start a business online. So basically what plugins do is to provide you extra functions to your website. Today there are just about one of these for anything you want or need, but there are some things you need to know before installing and activating them.

How Do Plugins Work

Before you begin using these you need to understand how they work, and whenever you install and activate any plugin they are now a part of your WordPress database. These basically are a type of software especially to perform a specific function, and I want you to understand you have the option at any time to activate and deactivate these without having to delete them. I feel this is very important for you to know, I have had to deactivate mine from time to time just for a short time for a variety of reasons. This is great if you start having website issues, and want to check if any of your plugins could be the reason, and I will often do this before doing anything else.

computer all software free download
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No Plugin Is 100 Percent Safe

I have been using plugins for many years without any severe problems, I do recommend you avoid installing any of these that have not been tested for your website theme. You should always check on this before adding any of this software. It has taken me much willpower to stick to this rule, but it is just not worth the risk, so this is something I really stress you do.

How Much Will Adding Plugins Cost You

You will find if you are using you will need to invest the last I knew approximately $299.00 per year, but you really don’t want to go with that version anyway. So you want to be using instead, and with this version, there are thousands of plugins to choose from. The majority of them provide you a free version and a paid version, and I have never invested any money into paid plugins in all the years in this business.

Best Method To Shop And Install New Plugins

You can go to and download this type of software for a price, but the best method is the free version. You just go to your dashboard to plugins and select new, and from there you can type in the specific one you are interested in or search by a specific function. Most of the time I search by a specific function, and why I do this is so I can check if it has been tested with my theme. You also might find a better choice by searching with this method, so these are your two best methods I recommend.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

The big question I hear over and over is what are the best WordPress plugins, and this is a very complex question to answer. You see the ones that work the best for my theme might not work very well for your theme, and so I really can’t recommend which software is the best for your website. I do have an article to share with you, and if you are interested check out this article 24 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites in 2020 written by WP You will receive a straight deal from this website, so I am very big on recommending their articles.

computer all software free download Recommended For Business Websites

This completes the first part of this article, and I do hope this provides you a better understanding of the importance of plugins for your website. This is a very basic WordPress tutorial, but many of you are unfamiliar with the basics so I wanted to keep this simple.

What Is Open Source Software

Before we discuss the best open-source software I feel you need to know what this is, so to make it very simple this is any software you can download free. You will never need to pay for this type, so if you are shopping for freebies, I suggest you type open-source software in the search box. This will save you time, and nothing is as disappointing as finding awesome products only to find you have to pay to download it. You also have to be careful with some companies misleading you with free downloads, you often will find what they are not telling you is there is an investment to own this product. By searching only for this type there are no hidden costs, so I hope this is useful information I am sharing with you.

Tech Radar Recommends

Tech Radar shares in their article The Best Open Source Software 2020 what they recommend, so this is where I received the list below.

  • LibreOffice
  • VLC Media Player
  • GIMP
  • Shortcut
  • Brave
  • Audacity
  • KeePass
  • Thunderbird
  • FileZilla
  • Linux

Now you have a place to start shopping for computer all software free download without any surprise fees, you are encouraged to visit Tech Radar if you are interested in learning what each of these do.

Download Software Guide

I am sure some of you might have never done this before, so for those of you who are new to downloading software I have included a simple guide below.

  • Locate & Download an Exe File
  • Go to your Download Folder
  • Double Click the Exe File
  • Now the Software is Installed

For anyone who is in need of a more step-by-step tutorial on this the first time, I recommend you read this article Basic Computer Skills Installing Software on Windows, and this article was written by Edu.GFC Global.

Websites To Get You Started

I thought it would benefit many of you if I shared with you some open source software sites, and this will save you from having to do the searching on your own at least for now.

  • SourceForge
  • BitBucket
  • LaunchPad
  • Tigris
  • Gifthub
  • Fosshub
  • Savannah
  • TuxFamily
  • FreeCode

So here are some websites to get you started, and you might get lucky and find all the software you are in need of from these 10 sites.

computer all software free download
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Computer All Software Free Download

I am very happy to be able to write this article for all of you, and I encourage you to leave me any comments if you have any questions about anything in this article. Providing you valuable information is what my blog is all about, and I thank you for visiting Mentoring with Jeff.

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  1. This is a great article to help us understand WordPress plugins and open-source software. Thank you for this great and informative article, Jeff. I have learnt a few things… or two, from it.

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  4. Hello Jeff,
    I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful article. I found answers to many questions and learned a lot. And it’s all so easy to read, to understand. Thanks so much.

  5. To be honest, I’ve never checked my plugins for being tested/compatible with my theme. It’s something that doesn’t even spring to mind when installing them – we just look for the best one to fit our needs. But this has made me think again – time to review my plugins!

  6. Wow, I’ve never even thought about checking plugins for compatability and testing with my theme. I always just assumed that if it was compatible with the version of WordPress, all is good! I think I’ll need to re-visit my installed plugins to re-assess!

  7. Wow, I’ve never even thought about checking WordPress plugins for compatibility with my theme – I always assumed that if it was tested with the version of WordPress that I am running, all is good. I’m going to have to review my plugins now and re-assess! Thanks for bringing this up!

  8. I’ve never even thought about checking a plugin’s compatibility with my WordPress theme. I always assumed that if is was supported by the version of WordPress that I’m using, all is good! I’m going to do a review of my plugins now and re-assess. Thanks for bringing this topic up!

  9. Thanks for the informative article. I have been playing around with plugins lately so your article was very helpful. I have also read someplace that having more than five may be too many for Google. True?

  10. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your review. You are absolutely right, with Word Press there is no need to invest in Plugins. The free version is more than you will usually need for a website.
    Also, I am thinking of signing up for some of your free courses.

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