About Microsoft Apps Store

About Microsoft Apps Store

What about Microsoft apps store that makes it worth me writing this article for you, and the reason I chose this topic is that today we depend a great deal on this type of software, and not only for our business but also for our personal life as well.

What About Apps

So what is apps about is what we are going to learn first, you might also know these as windows applications. They simply perform specific tasks for laptops and desktop computers, and those that you would use for mobile devices are referred to as mobile apps.

Why Do We Use Apps

The next question some of you might be thinking could be what are apps for, and believe it or not you just might be surprised at all the things this type of software is capable of doing for you. By using specific types of software we can be more productive, and you will find this is one of the most useful tools for your business success.

Computer Programs

A computer program provides a collection of specific instructions that are able to be completed by your computer, so basically the program is telling your computer what to do to perform a specific task for you. So are you interested in some examples, I am sure you are.

Of course, this is just a few examples of computer programs. so now what about computer apps.

about microsoft apps store
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What Are Desktop Apps

Desktop apps or applications are any software that can be installed on a desktop or laptop computer, so maybe you are new to all this and you are in need of assistance installing them on your desktop. So for anyone in need of this procedure, I am including how-to steps below.

  1. Start on your home page screen where you will add the app to your desktop
  2. Touch the app’s icon which will display your apps drawer
  3. Long-press the app icon you want to add to your desktop
  4. You then will just drag the app to your preferred spot on your desktop, and by lifting your finger you will place the app on your desktop.

For First Time Computer Owners

How to set up a new computer can be overwhelming the first time when choosing desktop applications, so I am going to share with you the best apps I would consider adding to a new computer if I was you, and these all are free.

  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Ninite
  • Unchecky
  • Malware Bytes
  • PC Decrapifier
  • Launchy
  • 7-Zip
  • VLC
  • Paint
  • Audacity
  • Revo Uninstaller

These will get you started setting up your new computer, and you will want to choose the one’s that interest you. I would not go adding all of these if you know you will not ever use them, but these are good applications to check out and they are free.

microsoft rewards
Its Free To Sign Up For Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards

How many of you know what is Microsoft Rewards, so this is pretty much a customer rewards program you can join for free. Like most you earn points for the activities below, and so you are rewarded for things you might already be doing.

  • Purchases
  • Sweepstakes
  • Quizzes
  • Trivia Games
  • Complete Quests On Xbox

So if these activities interest you this might be a good rewards program to consider, and you can Join For Free.

What Can You Use Your Points For

I am sure you are curious as a cat what you can get with the points you earn, so here are some of the benefits you will receive.

  • Gift Cards
  • Devices
  • Movies
  • Apps
  • Xbox Games
  • Live Gold
  • Game Pass
  • Shopping Sprees
  • Sweepstakes
  • Vacations

This concludes my review on Microsoft Rewards, and it is up to you if you want to learn more.

About Microsoft Apps Store

You are able to access their store on any type of device, and you will find apps in this store that are free and some cost an investment. What is really cool is once you install any of their apps they follow you on any device, now how cool is that?

Window 10 Apps

  • Window Apps
  • One Drive
  • Outlook
  • Skype
  • One Note
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Edge

You will find literally thousands of apps in their store, and many of them are free. I am sure you are interested in me sharing some of the free ones with you.

  • Photosynth 3D Photo App
  • ICE Panoramic Image Creator
  • One Note
  • Remote Desktop
  • MSN Travel
  • MSN Food & Drink Recipes
  • Sway Powerpoint Alternative
  • Docs For Facebook

Popular Apps

This concludes my article About Microsoft Apps Store, and I hope you found my article on computer applications helpful and interesting. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any specific requests that I can write for you, and I will do my best to provide what interests you the most.

Thank you for visiting Mentoring with Jeff

17 thoughts on “About Microsoft Apps Store

  1. As usual, you over-delivered.
    Not that I’m surprised, not in the slightest!
    I’m using some of the apps you’re mentioning in this article.
    But I wasn’t aware of the rest.
    Thanks for letting me know about them, I’ll keep them in mind.
    Awesome job, keep going the same way!

    1. Hello Boby

      I thank you for reading and commenting on About Microsoft Apps Store,
      I must admit I do tend to share more information than I need to but I
      just want to provide as much information to my readers as possible


  2. Hi there, I was looking a post like this to learn more abouh Microsoft app store and what is available there. I’m Microsoft user and I use Windows 10 on my pc, and half of these apps were unfamiliar to me, that is until now. Thanks for sharing this post and keep them coming.

  3. Hi Jeff!

    Today I was looking at some computers, because I would like to buy a new one soon, and so this article was very useful for me. I want my new computer to be properly installed and have the best apps that do not take too much space. The good thing is that they are all free and easy to install. The Microsoft Rewards sounds interesting. I may look into that 🙂

    I have never heard of Ninite before. What is that one good for?

    1. Hello, Christine

      I am happy you found this article helpful in your search for a new computer with the best apps,
      what is the most impressing is even when you buy your next computer the apps automatically follow
      you now how cool is that?

      Ninite is an amazing app, you can install and update all your programs by using this one app.
      Visit the Ninite website to learn more


      This is one of the top apps Microsoft recommends,

  4. Hello Jeff,
    This is a very useful article. The reason that I am a teacher and I use Microsoft office in my work so I need to learn about all the apps of Microsoft.
    I will try to learn one by one so as to be an expert on them.
    Have a great day

  5. I didn’t know about a big majority of these apps that you have listed here, probably because I am not usually one to browse the Microsoft Apps Store. Even though I use Windows 10 as my OS, I pretty much forgot about the Microsoft App Store. After reading through it, there are some apps that I might be interested in trying for myself if I ever get the chance to.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Jeff. I am an IT dinosaur. I am learning but have a lot of ground to make up. I have never worried about apps before. Hence my interest in reading this post. I was not able to delve into the detail but it has certainly provided me with momentum. I have saved the detail and will work through it. Thank you again for your excellent research and information.

    1. Hello, Stephen

      I am very much like you when it comes to apps, but as I have been in this business I have found
      adding some of the apps from the Microsoft store has made my work much more productive and efficient


  7. I have to be honest with you Jeff, I find the whole Microsoft extremely confusing. I’ve been using MS operating systems since DOS and original Windows all through Win 95, 98, XP, 7, 8 and now 10. I understand the need for an app store in an Android or iOS device. On a PC however it’s very confusing that you can download “apps” from the app store and install “regular” software that you download with your browser. This would be fine, IF the apps and software were displayed in the same place.

    I actually had Skype installed (without me realizing) both as an app and as conventional software on a touchpad Win10 laptop. My skype account had been compromised so this caused a huge security issue because I didn’t know it was still installed on my computer after uninstalling the software. The app was still there. To make things worse, I didn’t know that you can access skype with an original skype account and a MS live account. I had at some point combined the account and changing just one password didn’t change both.

    I’m an avid proponent of PCs over Apple products but I have to say that Microsoft has really taken a dip in it’s product quality and security in the recent years. I’m seriously considering changing my OS to Linux for this reason.

  8. Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for another great article. I’ve never been on the Microsoft Apps store as I’ve never really thought of downloading an app on my desktop. I usually just have apps on my phone.

    But, maybe I should start looking into the Microsoft apps store as the apps could help me with my work.

    Thank you for sharing and as ever, keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  9. Ahh man, shame it’s in English, my aunt could have definitely used with this content instead of asking me every single time! lol Thank you for putting this together, maybe I’ll translate it for her!

    1. Hello, Silvia

      I thank you for visiting Mentoring with Jeff, and if you would be so kind as to translate this to your Aunt that would be wonderful.


    1. Hello, Sonia

      I thank you for reading and commenting on my article on Microsoft Apps Store,
      and I hope you visit the store when shopping for apps they provide many freebies.


  10. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for this post! I think we’ll be looking into more Microsoft products down the road.
    My husband is working from home now and brought his work computer with him. It’s a PC and Windows is what he’s always worked on.
    I have a Mac and have no intention of changing, lol. But I can’t get him to change. You know the saying “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks” LOL. It’s good to know they have so many apps available.
    Thanks again,

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